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My license was in my mail today!

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Went active 3/24, still nothing in mail....Does it go to active then approve? Or do you usually get it after active?

Mine also went active on 3/24 and still waiting for that special envelope from Springfield. I thought for sure it would arrive Friday or Saturday but was not to be, so its off to the PO Box tomorrow with high hopes and anticipation but then again,who knows?! 8 days since going active. They did do away with the approve and they go from UR right to Active unless there is a problem and it goes under board review!

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Anyone become ACTIVE on April 1? That would be almost as fun as having a Florida Permit signed by Charles Bronson.

I did. I was shocked since I applied on 2/16 and I was expecting several more weeks.


Hey vrodmike - what county are you in? I am just wondering how you made it in six weeks, congrats on that! I wonder if counties with a smaller number of applicants are moving quicker.

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