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  1. Don’t have time to look it up now but I was sure the computation shooters had a expedition, of course the final version could have taken it out.
  2. Thanks everybody. They had several brands on display with red ribbons tied on them they wouldn't sell. Kid at the counter said the feds came in and told them they couldn't sell them. That's what got me wondering.
  3. Was at the Canton Farm King today and was told they couldn’t sell a Glock 17 because it would accept a over 15 round magazine, did I miss something or is that a fact
  4. Thanks, I couldn’t come up with anything.
  5. A rabid anti- gun nut red flagged his brother in law asked me if the brother in law went to a free state if he would be able to possess a fire arm, not move there just go there. Told him to look it up. Got me wondering and I can’t find the answer.
  6. I’ve bought 2 guns in the last month and they were both approved instantly. I’am going to buy another one shortly and it will probably take a month.
  7. I don't care if he hates guns and is a worthless alderman as long as he is a good defence attorney.
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