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  1. Went active 3/24, still nothing in mail....Does it go to active then approve? Or do you usually get it after active?
  2. And count your digits for the TCN #. Suppose to be 16. The girl that did mine did not write all the numbers down for me to put on my app. Had to email the correct numbers, to the isp ask email address. I am active now, 3/24/14...Hope it comes in today... Applied 1/5 W/Prints App# 15xxx Active 3/24 Carry Conceal License #14873xxxxx waiting for mail
  3. Got a letter today stating that my TCN# is incorrect. Got my fingerprints from Williamson County Court House and she wrote down the TCN # for me. Sent it in with App. on line.....Now what do I do? Pisses me off that the lady might have give me the wrong number....tried emailing ISP, and waiting for response...I am going to the courthouse Monday to try to ask about this...I have my receipt that I have paid for the live scan fingerprints....Has anyone else had this problem?? Applied 1/5/14..App. #15xxx
  4. Applied 1/5/2014 Prints w/TCN # Non Instructor Application #000015xxx Under Review
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