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Walmart Concealed Carry prohibited sign


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Now that is funny Bud. Back on topic. 😉 That's a good one. Nice rifle however. BTW I need a Moderator to delete 2 posts that don't follow the purpose of this thread so I can be 4900. Any two will do. 😊
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Man Buys PlayStation 4 Bundle from Walmart for Christmas, Sold Box of Rocks Instead




Igor Baksht's relationship with Walmart is on the rocks.

Baksht recently went to one of the superstores located in Stapleton, Colorado, to do a little holiday shopping for his family. Among the gifts he picked up was a PlayStation 4 (PS4) bundle for his 13-year-old niece.

Before wrapping up the surprise present, valued at over $400, Baksht decided to check that all the pieces were inside. Good thing he did, because when he opened up the bundle he didn't find a PS4, but two bags of rocks instead, reports KMGH.

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2 arrested in attack, kidnapping of man in Walmart parking lot, Seminole cops say


Deputies: 2 men took victim's wallet, car, put him in trunk of vehicle




Two 18-year-old men accused of carjacking, robbing and kidnapping a man early Monday morning in the parking lot of a grocery store have been arrested, according to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.


The victim told deputies two men armed with handguns confronted him around 12:30 a.m. Monday in the parking lot of the Walmart grocery store on Red Bug Lake Road in unincorporated Winter Springs.


The men demanded the victim's wallet and car keys, and then forced him into the backseat of his black 2011 Mercedes-Benz. Deputies said the men then drove the stolen vehicle to a nearby bank and forced the victim to withdraw $240 from his account.

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Bangor man facing robbery charge after allegedly leaving Walmart with laptop




BANGOR, Maine — A local man is facing a robbery charge after allegedly attempting to leave Walmart with a laptop computer without paying on Friday, police said.

Police were called to the Stillwater Avenue department store at 2:30 p.m. when it was reported Daimon Clark, 35, had allegedly assaulted an employee and fled the store on foot, according to Bangor police Sgt. Tim Cotton.

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Man smashes case in High Ridge Wal-Mart, steals electronics




HIGH RIDGE - A man smashed a display case at Wal-Mart with a hammer and stole iPods and iPads, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said.


It happened about 10 p.m. Sunday at the store at 700 Ridge Point Drive.


The man got a cart, went to the camping aisle and got a duffel bag. He then went to the electronics department, smashed the display case with a hammer and took seven to 10 iPods and iPads, the sheriff's office said.

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Two men who shot up Idaho Walmart with BB gun taken into custody by police




Two Idaho men were taken into custody without incident after shooting up a Walmart with a BB gun, the Coeur d’Alene Press reports.

Users of social media have claimed the arrest of the two men — who were not identified — stands in contrast to an incident at a Ohio Walmart in August involving an African-American man, John Crawford, that left him dead after police shot him while he stood in an aisle holding a BB gun he had removed from a shelf.

According to Idaho police, the two intoxicated men walked into the Post Falls Walmart and proceeded to remove BB guns from boxes, before loading one and firing it four times while in the store.

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Man suspected of pointing gun at Lacey Walmart guard arrested in Oregon




LACEY, Wash. -- A man suspected of pointing a gun at a security guard at the Lacey Walmart Friday has been arrested in Astoria, Ore., police said late Saturday.

Jonathan Langford, 25, will be extradited back to Washington soon to face charges, according to Lacey police.

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UPDATED: Pineville Wal-Mart reopens after bomb threat




The Walmart store in Pineville was evacuated Friday afternoon after the store received a bomb threat about 2 p.m.


The threat was made in a phone call to the store, according to Pineville Police Lt. Darrell Basco.


Pineville police officers and firefighters were called to the scene, and store officials had already begun the evacuation, he said

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Possible prank leads to injury in Denison Walmart


BONHAM, Texas -- A man out shopping on Christmas Eve in Denison claims he was not only injured while shopping at a major retailer -- he was humiliated.

Wesley Howard says he was shopping at the Denison Walmart when he stopped to use their restroom. He says what happened next left him with burns to his backside, and he felt traumatized.


Howard's son, Justin took this video of his father as he was taken by EMT's from the Denison Wamart to Texoma Medical Center. Howard says he suffered first degree burns after sitting on some kind of adhesive that was put on the toilet seat in handicapped toilet stall of the men's restroom.

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