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  1. I am currently "buried" under almost four inches of snow in SW Missouri. "Buried" because apparently the modern day concepts of "snow plow" and "road salt" have not made their way into the rural Ozarks yet. The neighbor kids were all celebrating because there was no school today. When I pointed out that the school was probably closed because of President's Day, they said, "yep, but were celebrating because school will be closed until the snow melts off the highways and it's supposed to be below freezing for the rest of the week.
  2. I am in my Fortress of Insolvency in SW Missouri. My home is just around the corner from Gobler's Knob and just up the road from Hog Wallow Road I would add pictures but I it is dark out and there are mo street lights within fifteen miles or so Bud
  3. Obama shops at Walmart?But does he shop for .22s while he is there? Btw I heard he was looking for a Drone. Oh Never mind. wait .....I thought he was a drone? I always see the Iranian with the RC control box in the background
  4. You enjoy those too, huh? yes i do and disappointed that none showed up as I predicted. No soup for you NEXT!
  5. Seeing the thread count, I would suspect that Mr. Fife will shortly appear to provide his multi-post "Everything WalMart" additions to this valuable and informative thread.
  6. I find hot tea, honey and brandy can work wonders when you have flu like symptoms. As a matter of fact, they work wonders when it is really cold out and you catch a chill and even if you don't catch a chill I suspect the whole day would go better if i started out with a brandy, hot tea and honey. I could put ice in it in the summer and i bet that would work just as well You know, if i was in a hurry, i could just down a couple of shots of brandy, put the tea and the honey in a to go cup which would really increase efficiency (Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Mr. Fife, it tolls for thee. I am still awake and watching the thread count carefully)
  7. and this is my just today assembled competition rifle which has not been driven past a Walmart yet (yes, it was a very good Christmas) http://www.hartons.org/gallery/albums/userpics/10002/Competition_gun.JPG
  8. Oh, well and back on topic, sort of, this is my newly made hunting modern sporting rifle that was in the Jeep when i drove past a Walmart yesterday: http://www.hartons.org/gallery/albums/userpics/10002/IMG_0971.JPG
  9. I think the post numbering system is fixed in favor of certain kilt wearing members
  10. swooping in and attempting to steal the crown. I am practicing to steal 5000 from Mr. Fife
  11. I am in Ottawa for a Dr appointment and saw gas is down to $1.97 But diesel is still at $3.34 Of course I have the diesel powered Jetta today Bud
  12. you're good as long as you stay in Illinois It's only a matter of time before the illinois legislature figures out that gas is cheaper so they can add more motor fuel tax revenue to the State general fund.
  13. Boy, you can't tell that from walking in one. The crowds used to be limited to just the weekends but now it seems every time i go into a superCenter they are mobbed. Gas at the Sam's Club in Roger's AR is down to $2.09 and a station in Oklahoma City has dropped the price to a $1.86 per gallon
  14. Gas was at $2.16 at the Walmarts in Bentonville and Rogers, AR today
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