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  1. Aurora raised a lot of eyebrows....i dont blame aurora pd one bit on that matter....let isp bust down doors and deal with the media on-slaught....SA's and judges are letting the perps out for everything..what the heck do you expect will happen?...electronic fingerprint data base is a huge issue and it must be defeated.....its all butthurt cause the commies cant get access to the info for abuse...of course the bangers will comply...lori lighthead's policy is working out so well it should go national
  2. As of 8-10-18 my foid process was completed.....i applied 6-23...you need to renew as early as you can...do not wait 14 days ftom expiration thinking that is enuff time...
  3. Renewed 75 days before experation..submitted and paid..received letter of photo i submitted not present or not what the wanted but they allow an additional 60 days..resubmitted new photo same day i received letter in mail....been under review ever since....
  4. Under review does not mean suspended foid...correct????...cant see that it would be put on hold for an address change
  5. Well now its timing out due to systems they need not running..all this for a darn address change..yep im starting early at renewal time
  6. Ty Molly..id give that a try..I moved and completly forgot to change foid addresses...thanks again
  7. Been trying all day to just change my address...dang thing says valid and will loop itself over and over...spent 3 hours just watching the puter screen...what am i missing on the isp website change of address form for a simple address change????..when its renewal time i am doing this 6 months early...any ideas
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