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  1. What a mess and wasted resources. Can the ISP handle the increased workload? How long is it gonna take to get a FOID now 10 years? Any of the shootings in Chicago committed by FOID card holders? Going after the law abiding instead of the criminals.
  2. Ill inois is slowly taking away people's 2nd Amendment rights that's why people are leaving.
  3. Where did this come from? ASC email to members.
  4. Aurora Sportmen's Club Board of Directors votes no confidence in ISRA. "On June 10, 2021, the Aurora Sportsmen’s Club Board of Directors unanimously approved a motion of no-confidence in the Illinois State Rifle Association’s (ISRA) leadership in defending Illinois gun owners’ Second Amendment rights. This vote was triggered by the ISRA’s recent “Neutral” position on HB562, the “FOID Modernization” bill. HB562 is not just an anti-gun bill, it is an anti-gun owner bill. The exact content of the bill was changing rapidly right up through the end of the session. The Senate and the House passed slightly different versions of the bill, therefore the legislation will require a concurrence vote in the house before making its way to the governor’s desk. While this bill has not yet passed into law, it is clear to the board of ASC that the ISRA is willing to: Negotiate away your rights Increase the burden on law-abiding gun owners to report private firearms sales through federal firearms license (FFL) dealers Allows for a new $25 Fee/Tax for person-to-person firearms transfers Force retention a record of which gun dealer facilitated any person-to-person transfer for 20 years Make it easier for the state to track private firearms transfers Not require mandatory destruction of information that the state police collect on person-to-person transfers after a prescribed time Allow the State of Illinois to collect your fingerprints for simply owning a gun These are the most recent items from the G-Pac gun-control wishlist that have been peddled to Illinois legislators with the promise that they will reduce “gun violence.” They are the restrictions that YOU are being asked to swallow in exchange for the privilege of not having to renew your FOID card every 10 years for $10 and unifying your FOID and CCL permits into one card. Short of a complete ban, a gun registry is the dream of the gun control lobby. This bill, if passed, gets them one step closer to knowing what guns you own, yet the ISRA is “neutral.” While the official position of the ISRA on this bill was “neutral” we have learned that they were lobbying legislators to support this act. Members of the ASC Board of Directors spoke with ISRA President Doug Mayhall and one of the ISRA lobbyists attempting to convince them that this was yet another slap-in-the-face to Illinois gun owners that would not be received with the open arms that the ISRA believed it would. Our conversations did not have the desired outcome. The increased burdens on gun owners to conduct private transfers will impact all residents of Illinois but will be particularly burdensome for Chicago residents due to the lack of retail FFL dealers in the city. The ASC Board of Directors took no pleasure in this action and hopes that the ISRA will reconsider its position. To hear more or ask questions, please attend the ASC General Meeting Under the Tent tomorrow night at 6 P.M. on the east-side ranges. Please register here if you plan to attend"
  5. Why you think they are using every trick in the book to disarm whites and call it gun violence. How can you reason with people that believe an eye for an eye for millions of their people whites have supposedly killed.
  6. Is a link to that available?More videos on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/pine_tree_riots/status/1398811689223479298?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1398811689223479298%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fsmartzune.com%2Fbidens-america-black-supremacists-promise-to-kill-everything-white-in-sight%2F
  7. They will fix it alright. Will make a Constitutional right expensive and hard. Everyone that voted Democrat deserve what they're getting. ETA: Nothing like sticking it to the voters on the weekend on behalf of Bloomberg.
  8. Good thing about covid was that our 2nd Amendment rights were safe from corrupt politicians and tyrants.
  9. Illinois beat the 2nd highest state by almost 400%. That tells you something.
  10. He's not worried about it and will be out and do it again in days, got auntie Kim.
  11. Less democratic too, a single party machine is in charge and people have less rights
  12. CNN says it's a Ruger AR-556 pistol. The Ruger web site says nothing of using a brace as a shoulder stock. Biden has announced that he's issuing a gun control executive order Thursday. I'd say we should expect something about ATF regulation of rifle-caliber pistols and/or arm braces. Ironic that he used the exact gun that would help them tick off 4 of their gun control items in a single shooting. Braces, rifle based pistols, 30 round mags, background checks. Hmmmm how convenient. Problem reaction solution.
  13. Whatever they define it as. Eventually it will be everything except a smooth-bore muzzle-loader less than .45 caliber.Exactly. Everything they want to ban they call it assault weapon.
  14. More proof that the media and the internet are controlled by the same people that really rule this country and own the federal reserve too. Gotta wonder why they are desperate to take the guns and what happens next as history has shown.
  15. In summary..what you are say is.... "I do like the idea of them getting a range....push there alderman and other politicians to get behind it..." LOL. Its a step in the right direction.And don't call it gun violence and blame the guns and don't penalize all gun owners for the actions of a few that shouldn't have guns.
  16. They're anti 2nd Amendment and are doing it on purpose. Except more delays with biden in office.
  17. They want to be the only ones that carry and had to be forced by a court to issue licenses.
  18. So they are using Trump's executive order for gun control? I wonder why Trump wrote that executive order and he might be on it too since is happening under his watch and he is not stopping it. Didn't they say a few times that braces are legal and issued letters saying so? What changed and way to loose all credibility. I think this is entrapment and done on purpose. For the record I don't own a brace because I didn't trust their "approvals" and knew they would do this.
  19. Isn't that what governments and sheep have proven time and time again in all recorded history? Yep, it's about control.
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