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  1. The safe won't stop the cops from taking your guns. They will give you 2 choices either you open it or they'll open it. The only way the safe will help you is if you live with someone else who has a FOID and can claim the safe contains their guns (plus your guns you transferred/gave to them) and you don't have the combination or key to open it. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk Is that a theory there or reputed fact of how it would work out? I am curious, not trying to sound sarcastic if I do.
  2. You need a Ring camera doorbell. That way you will be able to see who's at your door without having to go down and back up 3 flights of stairs. Plus you will know if the person at the door is a bad guy or worse a cop coming to raid your home.Thumbs up for the suggestion. This is what I did after the incident because it opened my eyes.
  3. After looking at original reports here from my lawyer (of the time) - the official reason the unit of tac officers was dispatched to my location was because of reported "Animal Abuse"
  4. Additionally I was working from hole st this time running a small business - I was getting a lot of packages at the time for sure. Lastly, I did get a gun the next day. Bought a used Springfield xdm used locally.
  5. One i was just giving the full story. The original post didn't seem to cover it all. So i thought to repaint the picture, of you will. You can choose to believe it or not. It's always been the same story. And I get a lot of amazon packages. I order most things from amazon. So typically when my bell is being rung it's a package either through usps or ups. Ups tends to bring it up the stairs, either way I usually go out to get things / check what's going on when someone rings my bell - I live in a three story condo.
  6. Why did police show up at lyour place and which police department?Why did they show up? The case was supposedly over what they claimed was anima abuse. I adopted a cat from paws. Cat didn't seem to be doing well even after taking her to a vet in the first two weeks of ownership. I saw she wasn't getting better and realized she had serious problems and owners that paws didn't disclose to me. So I kept going back and forth with paws to get more info on her past. When they kept on giving me more and more missing info i decided to take her back because I did not sign up to care for a animal with medical needs - I just am not home enough to handle that. Three months later police showed up at my door. I buzzed them in thinking it was an amazon package. So I went to go meet who I thought was the delivery guy in the hallway , leaving my door open behind me. Moments later 8 narcotics and gang tac officers were approaching me. I was shocked - I had no warning or notice. They should have called me in over a cat, but didn't. Truth be told I bought guns the week prior to their arrival - I think this is what really triggered it. They couldn't get me on the cat case and they knew it, but used my surprise, my open door, and their nosy eyes to spot a small pipe on my table behind me which they used as probable cause to enter without permission. They backed me into my apartment , I couldn't just close the door on them. They then tore my house up and confiscated all my hidden guns claiming they were in plain sight and that it was protocol to do this for office safety even though i was the only one home and already in handcuffs. This was followed by a visit to a notorious black out site in near the south side where they detained me without a phone call for 18 hours, chained to a bench. I was treated like an animal and I am a college educated male with no previous record whatsoever. I believe they just wanted my guns cause I recently made a purchase and they were there in force in hopes of finding an easy reason to harass and confiscate weapons. Then to be an idiot off I went and bought more guns the next day - I Don't live in the best neighborhood. A week like they send a revocation letter with firearms disposition.
  7. Update. Molly has submitted an inquiry on my behalf. Still no end in sight, yet. Also, If and when I get my license back or move to a more free state I will get a date for sure. However I feel like that is a a barrier to home defense because a safe means having to open a secured lock under duress / stress. Perhaps I'll keep most guns in a safe and one cheapie out for defense.
  8. I did happen to get all my guns back. I had to have a family member sign for them. Also, it was going to be hard to prove the entered unlawfully without spending a lot more on a lawyer than I did. I was 24 at the time and didn't have the money to take further legal action.
  9. Hey, I did just send her a message as per your suggestion. Though, I am still open to anyone's suggestions. Anyways thanks for yours 😁
  10. Greetings Everyone, I have been following these forums ever since my FOID card was revoked three years ago. I have been looking around for consensus on things like "time fo response" and in my case, it seems I have been slumped into the longer end of this process. Honestly, I would have retained a layer by now if I had the financial means to retain a lawyer per this issue. Originally this all started with a case where Paws tried to sue me for an animal that was sick. Long story short I was SOL on all charges except "negligence of animal owners duties" which was further nuanced by the judge. The charges that got my foid revoked were the "Less than 1 gram" marijuana which police found after inviting themselves into my apartment. Though, this was my mistake. I thought it was the mail main and I buzzed him in, opened my front door while I got my shoes on and by the time I had stepped out of my front door police were coming up the stairs and the door behind me was wide open. Suffice to say I was caught off guard, they claimed they saw something suspicious in my apartment (looking over my shoulder) and used that as a reason to push in, passed me. They found one gram of medical marijuana. They then used this as a concern for officer safety where they then rooted through my house and found my handguns in my bedroom - not out in the open. They confiscated those that day. Luckily I beat 95% of the charges, especially the ones I had my license revoked for (though, I was a legal card holder..., their attitude on this seems to have changed for the better). I appealed with the help of my lawyer who I was able to retain at the time. I got my witness testimonies signed, dated, and everything notarized - All my I's dotted and Ts crossed as per the law ISPs requirements. Fast-forward 3 years, almost going on four now.. and all I've heard for the last 2 years is "It's under review". I could really use help here... I know Reps in this community have reached out to the state (which seems to help). Can someone offer me some advice or put me in the right direction?
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