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  1. Any other entity on the face of the planet would get SUED for FRAUD.
  2. Yeah well, I want an extension on the credit card charge until they process the damn registration.
  3. Didn't they say the expired FOID's are good for 18 months? Sure seems they are working hard to push it to the limit. Imho, if they give my my damn money back and cancel my renewal, I'd gladly reapply to get this fast track. How retarded.
  4. After waiting 470 days now, this is mind numbing. Why in the heck would they be putting priority on renewals off the NEW frigging systems before getting caught up with the OLD damn system. Bunch of F'ing morons.
  5. My FOID renewal is somewhere near 470 days. Not a single inquiry or email has been returned. It's funny that they had no delay whatsoever excepting the payment immediately. Isn't that considered FRAUD when you pay for a product and service and you don't receive? So when I see these stats claiming ~200 days, all I can say is that's total BS.
  6. Hopefully an Anti, Liberal extinguisher.
  7. But wait? I thought you media types were supposed to fully vet and verify the facts to ensure accurate and unbiased reporting?
  8. Lol, that ain't nothing. When you get to 18 months, let us know.
  9. Dems and Libs have been doing that for decades. In the Loyola study, Mauserme had a line that needs to be repeated as it may hold the answer. There is a way to reduce those costs but it requires that we don't coddle the criminals. Put them to work on road gangs picking up trash or cutting weeds in areas the tractors can't go. OR, for the really violent criminals, remove them from the gene pool and quit wasting money feeding and housing their sorry butts. Amen brother on all counts. You know, when I hear that first time offenders get hardened in prison, that just tells me they aren't working these dogs hard enough. If they have time in prison to fraternize and share tricks of the trade, Imho, they need to start the work day a little earlier and end it later. I want these scumbags paying back their debt to society. This nonsense when they sit around and play cards, watch TV, and play house together proves the Sheriff isn't doing their damn jobs. Every prisoner should be responsible to pay in the form of sweat equity their cost of incarceration, 3 squares, and the victim's losses. That right there is a fundimental failure of the entire system. And this bullchit with the kind of crap that was going on with Speck, was mind numbing. Setting monsters up for a better life in prison stands against everything we as Americans believe in. If the guy is too far gone to rehabilitate, no sense in wasting space for someone who might be able to eventually see the light. If the frigging liberals can't bare to agree to off these guys, then I suggest the DNC start paying for their OWN prisons to house these monsters. Still makes me wonder how they will cry up and down for the life of a heinous monster caught red handed, but discard innocent babies without batting an eye. Twisted people to put it mildly.
  10. You got it kind of right. They let the bad guys out, with a nod and a wink to Vote the right way. If they were all imprisoned with the reasonable sentences, the Democrats would be out of Voters.
  11. Doesn't matter one bit to the Gun Grabbers. They only cling on to those reports and studies that support their way of thinking, and the rest is heresy, and gun zealot propaganda.
  12. I am holding classes for George Parsons students this weekend in Spring Valley, no charge. There will be more classes next month. I know George and I don't know if he is guilty or not. I am doing this for the students, there are over 300. This stuff makes all of us look bad. If anyone wants to help please PM me. Bravo Sir! That's mighty thoughtful of you.
  13. It's amazing to me that the Bill of Rights is supposed to be beyond reproach and shall not EVER be infringed. However, when politicians clearly design legislation to breach those rights, the entire judicial system plays this game to allow this infringement to exist for months, years, and in some cases decades, until it's convenient to address and it "works" through the system. That a bunch of BS in my mind. The state of Illinois and a few others has crafted an art of gaming the system and playing the cat and mouse game, specifically trying to push the boundaries, and going past, and figuring they will at least have their time in the sun for the duration. This should never be possible. Imho, those who infringe on core individual rights, and those that allow the continuation, should be PERSONALLY responsible and liable for the contributing act for trampling these very important rights. This is F'd up.
  14. Making excuses for Pearson is absurd. If the ISRA thought they were doing us some big favor by claiming the lesser of evils, and thereby essentially being tricked into offering an implied endorsement, they are dumber than we have imagined. If they state the long term objective is to do away with the FOID, it in no way helps your standing when you do NOT proclaim a vigorous objections to ALL further legislative transgressions. It's ridiculously stupid to try and float this after the fact as some "smart strategic" plan that worked in our favor. In my damn opinion, they should have vehemently fought all of the above, every step of the way, no matter what. They were absolute fools to allow the Anti's to hoodwink them into this implied endorsement, and they should be taken to task accordingly.
  15. So who were the 8 republicans who supported it and who is the downstate dem who voted NO? I know my [@#$%&!] GOP rep Chris Bos voted yes. Just wrote him a scathing email. Edited by mauserme, Today, 01:27 PM. Removed an adjective Believe it or not, that was the tamest, yet fitting adjective I could think of. I know he is going to reply back that the vote was irrelevant and he was just avoiding ammunition for the competition during the next reelection cycle. Hogwash. That's Coward speak there. I'm not buying that line of crap.
  16. So who were the 8 republicans who supported it and who is the downstate dem who voted NO? I know my GOP rep Chris Bos voted yes. Just wrote him a scathing email.
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