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  1. Congratulations to you all for getting your cards at least we didnt have to wait years.
  2. Im moving to Iowa this weekend and will turn mine over to the Sherriffs office there when i get my permit. Iowa is Constitutional Carry only getting permit so i can carry in other states that recognizes Iowa. Otherwise if they dont want i wont do anything else about it.
  3. Penumbra1811


    Thanks everyone i will look into the ones mentioned above.
  4. Penumbra1811


    Im lookingfor a holster for my H&K VP9SK and was looking for recommendations on what ones would be good for a chubbier guy. Right now i have a Alien Gear for it but its too big and bulky and cant wearit.I also have We The People Holsters for it and my other firearms but digs into me no matter where i put it on me. What are some of your experiences if you have a little extra meat on you?? No bashing please im not fat just a little extra meaty lol.
  5. Applied w/o prints for CCL 3/21/2021 ACTIVE 7/22/2021 Card in hand today 7/28/2021 This was a first time application from a ex felon with his rights restored. I was in appeals for over three years to get my rights restored and it seemed like a long process but well worth it. Thank you MollyB for answering all my questions and the inquiries and help i really appreciate it.
  6. I forgot to mention that i applied with no prints too. Im still suprised that i was active that fast i was ready for a long wait like sometime in 2022 lol. Good luck and hopefully you go active this week.
  7. First time CCL APPLICATION Status Active Issued 7/22/2021 Expiration COVID-19 APPLIED 3-21-2021 CANT WAIT TO RECEIVE IT!!
  8. That's ridiculous no excuses for having to wait that long. But like Fear The Clown said MollyB does miracles on here and she may be able to help.
  9. Fear The Clown this move was not planned while or before my CCL class. This was decided last week. I know they took a little money but it will be the last time this corrupted state gets anything out me.
  10. Today is 92 days for new CCL without prints and under review. Moving to Iowa on July 28 and Constitutional Carry takes affect July 1st. Guess which one i will get first my CCL or the move to freedom?
  11. Im moving to Iowa on July 28 and heard they will be Constitutional Carry on July 1 so how convenient . Going to have to research this though to make sure.
  12. I cant wait to get out of Illinois myself!! Come on July 28! It might take me five years to mail them my Foid back. They wouldn't like the table being turned on them would they. But being the law abiding citizen that i am they can have there card because we are off to a Constitutional state.
  13. Im in Macon County and i got the same kind of letter myself. I have three felonies from over 26 years ago and i appealed and did what ISP told me to do in the letter. Finaly after three years in appeals i recieved a letter from ISP it was my Foid Card and i just got it in January of this year. Around almost a month letter i recieved another letter from ISP stating my firearm rights have been restored. It is possible that this can happen to you i have nothing violent in my past i was just young and dumb.
  14. I have the VP9SK with night sights on it and love it. Just a smaller version of its bigger brother the VP9. This is my favorite out of all my pistols. Im sure you will love the H&K.
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