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  1. Further update to my original post of 08-Feb: On June 26 I sent a certified letter to the ISP --> Illinois State Police Firearms Service Bureau801 S 7th Street STE 400-MSpringfield IL 62703 I have relocated to Florida, and am hereby requesting the cancellation of my FOID and CCL.I wish to retain my Illinois Instructor certification CCT13XXXX (per 430 ILCS 66/80). Please confirm.Thank You name addressIllinois CCL Instructor CCT13XXXXnospam@gmail.com AttachedFOID #14nnnnnnnnCCL #14nnnnnnnnCopy of Florida Resident CCL # X XXXXXXXX Today I received the following email from ISP.Instructor.Docs --> I have attached your valid Florida CCL to your account. You are still an active IL Instructor. Thank you! I assume I will need to continue to update ISP.Instructor.Docs with my NRA Instructor renewals as well as my Florida resident CCL renewals as they occur. I may decide to market to the Illinois Snowbirds this coming season.
  2. Response from ISP: You will need to send in your CCL and FOID to the address below with a letter asking for the cards to be canceled because of a relocation and that you want to keep your Illinois instructor certification. We will also need a copy of your current and active Florida resident CCL. Please also refresh from the FAQ’s for the substantially similar state that qualify for an Illinois CCL. Kevin J Brown Firearms Eligability Analyst II Illinois State Police Firearms Service Bureau 801 S 7th Street STE 400-M Springfield IL 62703
  3. I want to keep my Illinois instructor approval particularly for snowbirds. Florida would be my resident CCL, but I could always teach a class or two whenever I make return trips. I'll email ISP.Instructor.Docs@illinois.gov and post the answers
  4. As I read the FCCL text, If I move to Florida I cannot keep my CCL or FOID. BUT, it appears that I can continue as an Illinois Instructor. What would the steps be 1) Change of address 2) Cancel FOID How do I perform these steps without losing Instructor status? PS I do have a Florida CCL.
  5. Expiration 2/28/2019 renewal submitted 12/18/1018 (with instructor training exemption) Approved 12/06/2018 - new expiration 12/06/2023 Elapsed - 18 calender - 14 business days (13 if you subtract Thanksgiving)
  6. I'm very pleased with both the quality of the cards, and the excellent responsiveness of cjurczak. Using PayPal, I chose the option of 'send a gift', so I absorbed the $0.80 fee for credit card use. Shipping was quick.
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