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  1. I messaged on Twitter he said he fixed it.. Update: Yes he fixed it.
  2. It looks like a bit of a glitch, You click on case 3 and it sends you to a case 2 page, but it does not say registration closed.
  3. As we knew you would know the appropriate spot.
  4. Here is the appeal I did not do a very good job showing it after I found the docs: https://ilcourtsaudio.blob.core.windows.net/antilles-resources/resources/471fb5e8-6257-473a-a17e-79aa5dfc0b18/5-23-0035 Notice_Interlocutory Appeal.pdf
  5. Below are the remaining docs I found when I searched the case number. ITS ACTUALLY HERE... https://ilcourtsaudio.blob.core.windows.net/antilles-resources/resources/471fb5e8-6257-473a-a17e-79aa5dfc0b18/5-23-0035 Notice_Interlocutory Appeal.pdf https://ilcourtsaudio.blob.core.windows.net/antilles-resources/resources/903b075c-8fa6-45ba-a20d-ba63f22634c6/5-23-0035 Memorandum_Support_Rule_307(d).pdf https://ilcourtsaudio.blob.core.windows.net/antilles-resources/resources/57ea945a-7c76-4c12-bc26-d18155e21312/070122.pdf
  6. Ok I think I found it now. PETITION OF THE GOVERNOR AND ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR REVIEW OF TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER UNDER ILLINOIS SUPREME COURT RULE 307(d) https://ilcourtsaudio.blob.core.windows.net/antilles-resources/resources/d11f84db-3216-4d55-b74e-21176f9b0ba9/5-23-0035 Petition_for_Review.pdf
  7. Look what I found? I was not familiar with this one, looks like they already had the appeal written before the TRO was in place. https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/23577737/illinois-governors-and-attorney-generals-response-to-accuracy-firearms-v-pritzker.pdf
  8. lots of support for him here, and the others just used “talking” points. Was easiest to listen to playing in the background.
  9. All I found was this: 1/23/2023 Clerk e-filed Notice of Interlocutory Appeal with the 5th Judicial Appellate Court. Copy of Envelope Receipt on file. Verification of Filing Accepted by Appellate Court on file. Letter from Appellate Court filed. https://www.judici.com/courts/cases/case_history.jsp?court=IL025015J&ocl=IL025015J,2023MR4,IL025015JL2023MR4D1
  10. They are lining up behind a podium to attack 1 guy, whom is doing the moral thing… if they were all “going after the sheriffs”, we would see more than one county being scrutinized.
  11. Ok seriously, they are trying to intimidate the crap outta this Sheriff.
  12. I was referring to what the Hutt, deemed him. I am trying to reach 50.. my wife was a plaintiff. As soon as she saw him and the word “assault” I heard “I’m joining that. Please read entire posts, I only post to share and encourage other people.. I am jealous you get to go to live in a free state soon, and that you have the option. Why you’re moving isn’t just firearms, it’s all of the Illinois liberal progressive garbage.. Devore is an underdog, and “You called him a grifter bro, not me.” Should be directed to our duly “elected” Governor..
  13. So far, at the moment, DeVore is the guy whom brought quick results. Many parents were grateful that “grifter” got our kids unmuzzled. My wife immediately threw in one the first round. This may drag out, and he has the collective cash to follow through with his goal/promise. It’s ok for him to make some cash… yeah I’m jealous, but he knew what to do.. you also felt helpless when Hutt signed the bill.
  14. I keep the secondary CCL they sent me fresh in the safe. I used the older one for my last purchase.
  15. Hope this is the right topic area. This popped up on my YouTube feed, And I figured I should share it:
  16. So the current case was filed in the 4th “Circuit” court, so it can apply beyond the “county”. And to agree with everyone a “TRO” is done to provide relief during a discovery period/ prep period etc.. until the “Injunction hearing” currently 2-1-23 in this case, can be heard. I believe the “Injunction” would wipe it away for all. No not a lawyer, but I have followed a few things, like his “mask case” back when JB the Hutt decreed that Child muzzling was ok. He had a group the filed and those particular kids were free to not wear the shield of shame. Same Idea here. Something is handed down from on high, a TRO is applied to relieve “plaintiffs” whom don’t agree, then when the kids were freed it was an injunction. Reading this stuff gets to be a hobby, if you care about the subject manor. Also, I believe it was State Circuit Court. My 2 cents. If I am wrong somewhere let me know.
  17. I waited for more info, looks like he is heading to state court on the second case.
  18. https://devorelawoffices.com/illinois-assault-weapons-ban-case-2/
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