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  1. I say do a hand written note certified mail, but make your oldest relative, or your youngest child write it, and send it certified. They can complain if they can't read it, but thats not your problem you sent the information... I'm not sending or clicking anything. But it would be a hoot, if everone that wants to register did it in Cursive.. on looseleaf.
  2. .46 cents each here.. https://www.freedommunitions.com/357-sig-125-gr-fp-new.html
  3. 67 cents? .58 cents each if 1000? https://www.bulkammo.com/handgun/bulk-.357-sig-ammo
  4. No offense perceived, you added more tangents to the rabbit hole of USPS questions. So I actually sliced my finger yesterday opening a pack of those papers every hates, so I’m trying not to irritate it. Yea we are tracked using our package scanners. Our office got one of those new Mercedes Metris vans for one of our routes, and I got hit with 5 “fast accelerations” in one day..
  5. There are so many directions on which to answer your statement. You raise a lot of good points, and to each of them there’s a reason. A little later, maybe I can break your post into sections and address each one, but you may end up with more thoughts. 👍 🤔🧐
  6. You should be able to confirm this online as well, if you did not get the tracking numbers, they were on your USPS receipt, if you have that you can visually see the signature. Yes I work for USPS.
  7. Best I can do is… https://shop.mrcolionnoir.com/collections/stickers/products/keep-illinois-tactical-sticker
  8. Boxes, Four Boxes.. Four Corners is something completely different.. is a good episode though. 😁👍
  9. Pretty sure it’s relevant here too in some form. It’s ok Steve. 👍
  10. Docket https://www.supremecourt.gov/docket/docketfiles/html/public/22A948.html State Response to Supreme court https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/22/22A948/266284/20230508085805151_Bevis - Response to Motion IPA USSC Final for Filing.pdf City of Naperville Response to to Supreme Court https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/22/22A948/266291/20230508105522112_Naperville USSC Opposition.pdf
  11. That could also be called Planned Coincidence, if such an even did occur.
  12. The appeal to STAY…. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/66755267/103/barnett-v-raoul/ seems whiney, like 2 other judges didn’t do it, and they try to interest balance. doesn’t seem like it’s enough to stay, but have a read.
  13. There are some weird hunting laws that allow 16 or 18 and up to have hunting Handguns, I don’t know the specifics, but taking a 12 year old to the range and handing him a 1911 is ok.. this is him getting a 45 and trying to be cool. IMG_0366.mov
  14. He could “loan” you the pistol for the class, or find an instructor that provides pistols for the class. There are options. my Kid is 15 he can use pistols in my presence. You may need to find an instructor that has “tools for the class”.
  15. Colion Noir did an interesting video on this Yesterday. With examples. He referenced ammo limits.
  16. Like Al Salvi, whose wife just got elected, or a different Salvi?
  17. Read this article last night, was wondering if the parking lot rule applies, or it that for us CCW folks only, and could he have just said No to the search?
  18. Per the Annual report: People v. Brown, 2022 IL 127201 (June 16, 2022) This case, involving a defendant who had been charged with possessing a rifle for home self-defense without a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card, had previously come before the Supreme Court on direct appeal when in 2020 the Court vacated the judgment of the circuit court and remanded the case with directions to enter a specific order. On remand the circuit court concluded it would not be in the “best interests of justice” to follow the Court’s directions and entered a different order. The Supreme Court determined that the circuit court had no authority to set aside the directions of the Court, entertain the defendant’s motion to reconsider, and enter a different order. The Court vacated the circuit court’s judgement and remanded the case to circuit court, stating that the circuit court shall not entertain any motion from any part nor take any action other than entering the modified order. Still didn’t make sense at the moment…
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