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  1. So as stated I just received A duplicate CCL from the ISP. 2 differences are... on my original from Late May, it says "Indicator: CCL" on the new one in the same top right corner location instead states "CCL: yes. FOID # is the same but there is a difference in the "AL" number.. Also It came in an envelope with a generic ILLINOIS STATE POLICE with red print instead of the usual Fancy black print.. (may not be a factor but I'm just throwing it in there). Also I am a rural carrier and delivered a few more of them the other day, the same day I received my second copy. Any Idea why I would receive a second copy? Thanks
  2. if it came from "noreply@globalnotifications.com" it is a legit email.. sadly I got that one when I submitted my renewal, and "do-not-reply@globalnotifications.com" when they said the status has changed.
  3. Just an add to the Thread I use Wyze, wince it doesnt upload to Google. Thats just a me thing, but I have nothing in my house that uploads there. also the cameras are cheap and decent. And reliable so far. My oldest is like 3-4 years old maybe older it was 20-25 bucks. They are a little more these days but decent.
  4. I am sure some know about the Zero Percent lower... https://ghostgunner.net/zero-percent/ It would be interesting to see how this system could be banned, or what the legislation would look like.
  5. Her last name is what? Say it outloud then afterwards say "myself" (I deal with things in humor, it's not how I see things, it's how I digest them)
  6. This one line from the link makes you think. "Mr. Martin was then permitted to attend an Illinois State Police authorized concealed-carry training course, which trained him to become more accurate and lethal with firearms." I did not become a sniper after the ISP educational detainment.
  7. Rogers is a nice place to order from. Been getting stuff from there since a person on my Mail Route suggested it. Decent prices.
  8. https://courts.illinois.gov/SupremeCourt/Docket/2020/Jan/01-20DB.pdf if someone already posted this and I didn't see it I apologize.. Her case is listed on the "Advisement Docket"? I Don't know what that means but maybe I missed something?
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