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  1. Did you need the TRO copy for the mag? Or did you just ask for a 458 SOCOM mag.🥴 (Hopefully this question is appropriate)
  2. I messaged on Twitter he said he fixed it.. Update: Yes he fixed it.
  3. It looks like a bit of a glitch, You click on case 3 and it sends you to a case 2 page, but it does not say registration closed.
  4. As we knew you would know the appropriate spot.
  5. Here is the appeal I did not do a very good job showing it after I found the docs: https://ilcourtsaudio.blob.core.windows.net/antilles-resources/resources/471fb5e8-6257-473a-a17e-79aa5dfc0b18/5-23-0035 Notice_Interlocutory Appeal.pdf
  6. Below are the remaining docs I found when I searched the case number. ITS ACTUALLY HERE... https://ilcourtsaudio.blob.core.windows.net/antilles-resources/resources/471fb5e8-6257-473a-a17e-79aa5dfc0b18/5-23-0035 Notice_Interlocutory Appeal.pdf https://ilcourtsaudio.blob.core.windows.net/antilles-resources/resources/903b075c-8fa6-45ba-a20d-ba63f22634c6/5-23-0035 Memorandum_Support_Rule_307(d).pdf https://ilcourtsaudio.blob.core.windows.net/antilles-resources/resources/57ea945a-7c76-4c12-bc26-d18155e21312/070122.pdf
  7. Ok I think I found it now. PETITION OF THE GOVERNOR AND ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR REVIEW OF TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER UNDER ILLINOIS SUPREME COURT RULE 307(d) https://ilcourtsaudio.blob.core.windows.net/antilles-resources/resources/d11f84db-3216-4d55-b74e-21176f9b0ba9/5-23-0035 Petition_for_Review.pdf
  8. Look what I found? I was not familiar with this one, looks like they already had the appeal written before the TRO was in place. https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/23577737/illinois-governors-and-attorney-generals-response-to-accuracy-firearms-v-pritzker.pdf
  9. lots of support for him here, and the others just used “talking” points. Was easiest to listen to playing in the background.
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