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  1. I own a Byrna HD CS gas projectile launcher and a Pepperball TCP launcher. They both shoot .68 caliber kinetic (4-8 gram solid copper-infused nylon/steel core) and/or highly-potent powdered CS (PAVA) projectiles that explode upon impact at nearly 300 FPS. They hit extremely hard and can effectively hit accurately at distances of 30+ feet. I only practice for distances of 12-15 feet as I feel this would be my most probably distance of deployment. I've owned them for over a year. I carry the Byrna, concealed in a holster, or in a 5.11 Tactical sling bag (with extra magazine) for my 1 mile commutes through downtown Chicago. You can see by the picture, that I chose the subdued orange color as to not be misidentified by Law Enforcement. I bought these because I don't have a FOID card (lower class pot felony charge in 1992) and feel in todays society, the liability of shooting/killing a litigious shithead would be something I'm wary about. I really don't want to go bankrupt and then go to prison for defending myself. Discharging 4-5 CS projectiles (up to 10 w/ 2 magazines) to completely incapacitate an aggressor and leaving the area, feels like a far better solution, rather than the more lethal option. As much as I've gathered, because no one will give me a straight answer, they are legal to conceal carry in Illinois (in some cities) on your person, in home and in car. I spent 20 minutes talking to two CPD Officers, both told me it is legal and were highly impressed (and they also told me to get a gun too). I also talked to an Evanston PD Officer- I got completely contrary information (they're completely illegal to even own) as different cities all have different municipal ordinances regarding gas powered launchers. I was also told to contact The Illinois States Attorneys Office, as they would ultimately be the source that would charge me if illegal. I'll be writing a letter to them at some time to know and hope to have an answer. I also found a resource online: https://airgunlaws.com Does anyone else have one of these and would mind shedding light on the issue of legality? 330655600_2021-10-1011_53.12-1.MOV
  2. Hello Molly, this is my first post, as i'm a newly approved member of this site. Thank you for allowing me to join.


    I live downtown Chicago, just minutes away from the Chicago Theater (landmark, so you all know the general area if you're not from here). I've never owned a gun but have a healthy respect for them and have shot a wide variety of sidearms and rifles. I'm considering getting a FOID card and possibly my CCL. I have a few questions if you (and others please) would be so kind to assist.


    Last summer was certainly an eye-opener for me. I live within walking distance to the scene in the attached picture. So close, I had CS gas wafting thru my apartment three times- and dozens of openly armed gangbangers, Antifa and BLM running under my 1st story balcony. My block was burned and completely looted. I was hunkered down in my car last summer caught in the middle of a rolling shootout on the expressway, and have had drive-by shootings and carjackings along my street (Lake Street). In Chicago, we literally have over 100 shootings, with 12-25 dead every weekend, just miles away from my home.


    My previous experiences have been where I have been literally attacked by crazed methheads with kitchen knives and metal poles walking to and from work. I'm an ex-bouncer and pretty bad-a** with an ASP collapsable baton (thank god), but see our society devolving ever-more precariously towards open civil conflict- I'd rather not wait until that time and then begin to think about self defense of myself and loved-ones in my home and as I navigate through my day-to-day existence.


    These are the questions I immediately have, as a new member of the site and open group discussion page:


    - I have a low-class felony marijuana arrest (Kansas, 1993, no prison time, 1 year write-in probation, no troubles since then) which i'm soon to enlist an attorney in Kansas to expunge. How long before this is finalized before I can initiate my request for a FOID card?


    - Will I run into problems getting a FOID card even if I have a successful expungement?


    - Do I need (should I try) to further clean-away this infraction by petitioning the Chicago PD/ISP to wipe it completely off their records? I hear I can go to the main CPD headquarters and request a record of my "history" and have it eliminated.


    - I have had a Medical Marijuana Card since 12/19/2018 (set for expiry within 4 weeks from todays date), for a sleep disorder and low-level general anxiety, of which I've cured myself from since then. I haven't bought from a dispensary for over a year, and haven't smoked for well over one year (I quit due to a pre-stage one lung cancer diagnosis and left lung removal, for which I'm now cancer-free). Will my MML prohibit me from a successful FOID application? I have read it will not, but I want to confirm, and possibly only request a FOID until after its expiry.


    - I own a Byrna HD (https://byrna.com) and PepperBall TCP (https://shop.pepperball.com/products/tcp-launcher) CS gas projectile launchers. I bought then as my above history and felony infraction do not come into play...but, Illinois laws regarding the carrying of such self-defense tools are murky at best. Could you elaborate, if you have any information regarding the possession and usage (in purely self-defense situations) of CS gas projectile launchers.



    Thanks so much for your advise and council in the above matters. I'd really appreciate any and all insight and recommendations from you, and like-minded people within this group.


    Jeff Engel

    Chicago, Illinois




    1. Molly B.

      Molly B.



      Welcome to IllinoisCarry!  Oh, geez, I don't envy your situation in Chicago! I can certainly appreciate your interest in getting a FOID.


      First, let me say that I am not an attorney and any information I share with you is just that - information - not legal advice.


      With a felony conviction on your record, you will need to get that expunged before applying for a FOID card.  Even a low-level felony is a prohibitor.  I would suggest getting it cleared from your record in Kansas, wait several months (6 mos?) to make sure all agencies have time to expunge their records, then do a background check to make sure everything is gone.  Then apply for the FOID.


      The medical marijuana card will not hinder your FOID application.

    2. Jeff_Chicago


      Thank you very much!  ill wait some months before I apply

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