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  1. I'm not sure they're victims. "In DeKalb County court records, prosecutors alleged that Fleming gave an undercover officer a fake state police certificate that said the applicant had completed the training required to obtain a concealed carry license. The exchange happened Feb. 21, records assert."
  2. I wonder if someone on the election board tipped him off. Probably just careful enough to do it in a format that can't be FOIA'd.
  3. Who is going to arrest or prosecute them? I doubt any federal laws were broken. Best hope is scotus gets so angry at the egregious nature of all this that they lay waste to everything.
  4. Sure would be a shame if someone challenged their unconstitutional law.
  5. I think we have been well into Hickum's Dictum territory for quite a while with these fools.
  6. Don't nobody want their rifle dragging in the dirt.
  7. Neither party charged for carrying on the L either.
  8. It was at this moment our hero realized that training was important.
  9. He bootstraps the confiscation on the ISP refusing to allow people to register anything purchased during the injunction. He's not wrong but it's a scary way to put it.
  10. https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/23/23-510/289299/20231109164725942_Caulkins Petition.pdf It looks like they want a do-over on it all, even raising second amendment claims.
  11. This is a great opportunity to show Democrats acting worse than anything the Democrats have accused Clarence Thomas of.
  12. A case can lose in state courts and get to SCOTUS a lot faster than it can in the federal courts.
  13. The timing is oddly perfect https://news.yahoo.com/supreme-court-ethics-code-does-110000389.html
  14. I thought JCAR was just the rubber stamp on the ISP. My point was let's let the law be the law rather than letting them pretend it is something softer for the court cases then "align the rules closer to the law as written" after the legal proceedings.
  15. I don't know if this is more relevant here or the pica thread because they'll deliver to IL. Stabilization Outdoor Accessories. SBA3 https://a.co/d/754WeMc
  16. I looked into it once and it wasn't worth it so I guess you're right. That c&r though, it's faster and easier than the FOID if you don't count having to go to the post office.
  17. Yeah, but they aren't banned until that goes into effect. Right now, they are just a matter of paperwork. I guess the judge could not know that.
  18. I don't understand how the judge is enforcing a portion of the law that doesn't start for a couple of months yet.
  19. The courts are universally overwhelmed. The ISRA is betting they have a good enough reason to skip some steps and go right to SCOTUS. This other group is going the route of following the process so they can tell SCOTUS they exhausted all options. I imagine they are doing this with some coordination.
  20. That's a strong porch. There was a firearms instructor local to the Chicago area that posted pics of 2 pallets of ammo in his garage. If I remember right, one pallet was his and the other was for students in his courses. I'm thinking now that I have no idea how many rounds are on a pallet of ammo. I can't remember if it was 5.56 or 9 either.
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