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  1. They need probable cause to get a search warrant. If anyone has still has the banned items they would be wise to keep them out of view starting January 1st. An angry spouse or business associate would probably be the most likely way most of these reports will come in but some people will post stupid things on social media too. They still have to have probable cause to believe that the banned items are in your possession within the boundaries of the state.
  2. At least you haven't got any of them damn assault clips. One of those could destroy the galaxy.
  3. No need to infer. You can read it in the law. Must be transported unloaded between the places the crown allows though.
  4. Globalization is dead. Biden is one of the most isolationist presidents in a long time. Globally, the population is collapsing. Watch China for how bad things get. There's a reason that manufacturing is moving back in a big way to the nafta countries. We've got 3% unemployment that they can't fix with high interest rates - the opposite of the stagflation when all the boomers entered the job market and competed salaries down. We need all the unskilled labor we can get that will take lower wages to get inflation in check as more manufacturing picks up. The average boomer is now retired so we've got a little less than a decade of this to go.
  5. Push as far as we can toward the 1791 status quo while we can because as soon as they get their chance they'll start eroding our rights again.
  6. davel501

    What happens

    A single 8-hour shift in a fully equipped machine shop is the standard that I have heard most. That seems ripe for challenge though.
  7. This could be really good, especially if St Benitez gets the other rulings out quickly. The 9th hammers the rulings and scotus smacks them down and suddenly we've got national rulings. Whats left of pica after that?
  8. I give them credit. Why wait around? Let's get this fight started. I predict scotus from the top rope with the people's elbow for the victory.
  9. I feel like we should all show up at one with bags of wood screws.
  10. davel501

    What happens

    My brother had a lot of problems with the local police while I was away at college. When I got home from school after being gone most of the time for ~2 years the younger police did not know I existed even though I knew all the old guys from working a few summers at the village. After years of being used to people being awake 24/7 it got awful quiet when everyone went to sleep when the news finished at 10:35pm. I decided to go out for a drive to see what was going on around town - this was the 90s so no cell phones. I made it about maybe 3 minutes from the house before I was pulled over, hauled out of the car and searched. It was amazing how quickly the officer was able to move through the gates of the investigation by making up facts. Even the initial traffic stop was illegal. In my business law class we actually spent time on managing law enforcement - an advantage most 20-somethings don't get. I got myself out of the stop without any charges then immediately went down the street and filed a complaint. As you'd imagine, the charges were found to be unfounded after they thoroughly investigated themselves. Still, it was worth it to see the looks on the 2 cops faces as they drove by me to give their side of the story as I was leaving the department and the department stopped hassling my brother.
  11. Some sweaty little fascist worked hard on that thing. I promise it will hurt their feelings.
  12. davel501

    What happens

    It's funny you think they only pull over people that break the law.
  13. lol...I'm going to need a better pair of cheaters if I'm going to be checking all of my washers for serial numbers.
  14. You need to clear your autocomplete on your phone. You are actually saying the opposite of what you mean. lol.
  15. Ding ding ding They know it gets struck down in the end but they reduce the opposition by getting the uncommitted to sell their guns and the super committed to move out of state.
  16. It's the same appeal process. They basically started over from the beginning but now they know what answer they are not allowed to come up with.
  17. You dont need a government prosecutor. https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/usam/legacy/2014/10/17/civrico.pdf
  18. The federal 1983 suit is probably the way to go here. Class action for every resident of Illinois. I think it stands a chance post-Bruen, especially the reaction bills since scotus would have the final say. You can't bring the civil rights action until everything else is settled though so it could be a while.
  19. That's why I'm not worried about this thing. She is famous for things going to her to die. They just want to say they have this thing for now but they know she won't do anything so nothing bad is likely to happen for either side.
  20. How great would it be if the appeals courts decline the government's request? This is great news!
  21. Nothing has been litigated yet. We won't know for sure what is legal or not until a few cases go through the process and a good body of precedent exists. I predict a lot of split precedents where cook and the collar counties go more strict while everyone else uses a looser interpretation. This could happen for every variant of every model that is even a little touched by this thing.
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