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  1. He should have just laughed and said "I see you've got strong opinions on the matter."
  2. Haha she got exactly what she wanted from him. Hard to believe a man in that position walking right into that trap.
  3. ^^^ This. Never forget that law is theater.
  4. I think we all prefer it takes as much time as it takes to do it right and win in court on the first try.
  5. Hoping we get a few good court rulings here so we can all go to these hearings and point and laugh at the sponsor for suggesting something so idiotic.
  6. Seems it would prohibit online purchase then too.
  7. Seems it would prohibit purchasing online too.
  8. Going to be the situation until people stop voting along party lines. People are always making it a choice between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers when we should be picking an all-star team.
  9. My experience is a place never just drops the ball on safety in one area. If you start looking you'll probably see more and more red flags. If you are dead set on going forward with this then pay a criminal defense attorney for an hour of their time to talk about what you might be opening yourself up to.
  10. So who wants to guess on a the date this decision drops? I'm going with by 1/31 mostly because I want to hear something by the end of January., 😁
  11. I'm not trying to make anything but sense of this bill. We are all reading this thing and trying to make sense of this giant mess.
  12. Section J is equal to the other sections, not subordinate meaning it may have qualities like being semi auto OR it may be listed by model.
  13. How is it not a bolt action ar15 in the eyes of the prosecutors? Ar15s are explicitly banned regardless of action type as I read it.
  14. The taxpayers should bear the burden since they are ultimately responsible for the delegates they chose.
  15. Not sure. I'd do the C&R first so it's valid at the time I did the form 1. The 120 days starts once the update hits the federal register (maybe sometime next week). I don't know that there's a benefit to submitting the form 1 earlier. Given the expected backlog and the fact you're legal as long as you applied it seems better to wait until the last minute so that even a denial could take years - decades by some estimates.
  16. We all are wondering about the state legislation and getting SBRs approved. If you want to go this route you will want to get your C&R and letter to the CLEO in the mail first thing in the morning. You've got time on the rest but that C&R can take some time, in fact you might not get it in time, although you may have it by the time they get around to processing your form 1.
  17. There's always that one guy that has to play super cop. The question is how many other cops will come to his aid when he gets himself in a bad situation. I don't envy them for having to make that choice.
  18. Those police unions are a strong thing, especially in Illinois. Cops might get fired but soon enough they're back with back pay like they never left.
  19. Please don't chop up my words. Include the whole quote. I was saying go with what is written in black and white and not what was said on the floor so I think we agree. The Rittenhouse gun charge was thrown out because of what was written in black and white in the law. He was acquitted of the murder charges. That never should have been brought, costing him a fortune in legal fees.
  20. Nah, the ones I clicked on the profiles for were moms from around the state. Most of the angry comments were from lake county residents although a couple folks I know from other counties got some good jabs in too.
  21. In court you will be arguing against a guy just like the slime bag from the Rittenhouse trial that argued FMJ bullets are explosive. He will use the words written in black and white against you because his job is to win.
  22. Parliament's ban only extends to semiautomatic weapons. The ATF could still shoot your dog for having too short a barrel on your bolt action rifle.
  23. The measurement is brace extended to end of barrel. Guessing you'll end up right at 30". I just measured a SOLGW Trunk Monkey that I had access to. 10.5" barrel, standard buffer, SBA3 brace and it came in right at 29".
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