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  1. You and me both. I faxed them everything on Monday. The fax did go through so hopefully everything goes as it should on the ISP end. I will probably call them next week to find out.
  2. What method did they use to get this notice to you?
  3. I just renewed my NRA Creds in June... On hold with ISP right now to get this resolved before it becomes an issue. I am not currently revoked.
  4. Does anyone know what written performance scores ISP is talking about here? And as far as the live-fire goes, How are you guys scoring the 70%? I just score 21 out of 30 hits on silhouette and mark that as a pass. I do not count passed 21 when scoring targets. I assume we are expected to keep records slightly more detailed than that now? We have 2 documents to "prove" that the classwork was completed. For the Livefire Qual, we simply write the shooter's name, the date, and the hits that count on the white space of the target and take a digital photo. easy peasy.
  5. +1 I see CLIC as a second 8 hour curriculum. I do not recall BP being part of CLIC, nor do I recall seeing a curriculum ID issued to Basic Pistol. I see the problem. I made the assumption that you had your own curriculum! If you do not have your own curriculum #, then you are stuck with VERIFYING 8 hours for Basic Pistol (even though you provided the instruction) because you don't have a number that includes it (you are right, there is no number for BP on it's own, and there could not be. It doesn't include everything you need to meet the state requirements). Then you have to add another curriculum (like CLIC) for the second 8 hours. If you have your own curriculum number, you can include BP as the first day of that curriculum, removing the need for keeping the BP cert for state purposes. Again, I think the NRA T&E would not want you to do that. You are teaching an NRA Class and a Non NRA Class, There MUST be delineation between the two. The NRA is pretty clear on this in the Instructor Guide. What is your opposition to verifying the approved prior 8?
  6. Since they own NRA BP and are pretty clear in their position that it is not to be marketed at a concealed carry class, they do have a lot to do with it. If you are using NR BP/PPITH/PPOTH, as a state approved replacement, you are teaching 2 separate classes and should complete the certificate as such.
  7. I believe NRA T&E would disagree with your assessment. If prior credit is bring claimed, it doesn't matter when it was completed or who taught it. It's 8 hours prior verified and 8 CCL hours taught. NRA Basic Pistol is not concealed carry curriculum. It is an approved replacement for part of the 16 hrs requirement. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  8. Lets see if this attachment works... Emergency Rules Filed 5-2-2014.pdf
  9. Good luck! I'm happy to say that our students have been receiving their CCLs. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  10. Are they teaching the UTCCW as a part of the first 8 hours? And having a UT non-res gains RTC in WI. Important for some of us who travel up to cheese country on occasion.
  11. Pekin, huh...?? Okay -- I'm outta here -- be right back -- but I'm sure it's a wasted trip... I'm in Peoria and my CCL was in my mailbox today! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  12. Hopefully mine is at home! I am teaching a class right now. It would be typical for my "student" to get their permit before me...
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