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  1. I hate to say it, she's a Trump appointee. Perhaps the vetting process was flawed? Or maybe, you never know.
  2. Well, however long it takes this to play out, we can be sure that the folks shooting up Chicago will be in full compliance.
  3. As I understand it, the arguments the state is making here are irrelevant to the standard set in Bruen. AND....click on the "Read 70 replies". Some pretty entertaining stuff there.
  4. Why? Because IL is not about responsible legal firearms ownership. And it is certainly not about the Constitution of The United States, as interpreted by the Supreme Court. And apparently, that appears to go for some Federal judges too.
  5. Via the blog "Powerline". "Is this another sign that the Democrats are preparing to move on from Joe Biden in 2024? I don’t know, but CNN’s newfound willingness to fact-check Biden seems significant. Here, CNN finds that pretty much everything Biden says about firearms, among other things, is wrong:....." https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2023/06/fact-checking-slow-joe.php
  6. Biden likes to say that no amendment is absolute. I'm guessing that nobody in the MSM has ever asked him if that goes for the 13th. They've probably never asked about the cannon lie either.
  7. "Possession and popularity do not establish common use." Then, pray tell, what DO they establish? Several million people have them, but no one uses them, doesn't sound like a rational argument.
  8. It's very instructive that this state believes that it has the right to determine the venues where alleged violations of the FEDERAL constitution may be tried. As an edit: One wonders how Mr. Harmon (or his caucus members) would feel about having to travel to Washington D.C., or New York City, to be able to file suit against the federal government regarding a constitutional issue? I think we all know the answer to that.
  9. If I lived in a large city that was circling the drain, I think I'd be more concerned with law enforcement being allowed to do it's job. But that doesn't burnish the Lefty bona fides.
  10. The conservatives on the Court didn't bend when the pro-abortion thugs started threatening them in their homes....and in Coney Barrett's case, doxxing her children. I don't think they are going to bend now. When Senator Durbin tried to get CJ Roberts to appear (supposedly) concerning SCOTUS ethics, the Chief Justice sent him a letter basically saying the Court handles it's own ethics issues. Said letter being signed by all nine members of the Court. IOW, "Stay in your own lane senator. We are a co-equal branch of the government."
  11. My two cents: If the conservative justices didn't back off on the abortion ruling, they won't on the 2A.
  12. "This is an extraordinary move and one that displays that the State believes it is above the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure." The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure? This state believes that it's above the Constitution of the United States.
  13. Perhaps Judge McGlynn will write the state a nice, thorough denial that it can show to the 7th Circuit.
  14. The "Current composition of the court" can be found here. In addition, the Supreme Court justice assigned to the 7th Circuit is Amy Coney Barrett.
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