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  1. The lower courts that are already issuing TROs per Bruen don't seem to think so.
  2. Is that not a surrender to the Governor and the House....and of course the local and national organizations he refers to?
  3. Some of them are probably oblivious, and some in denial. But their are others that know the constitutional realities, and don't care. The people/organizations that pull their chains (and disburse the funds) want this, and they are willing to do their bidding.
  4. Batinick (R) voted no. Of the three reps close by me, Elik (R) voted no. Hoffman and Stuart (both D) voted yes. I'm just sayin'.
  5. You ever wonder if the governor understands that "the people of this state" don't all live within 75 miles of downtown Chicago? Or perhaps, does he not care? The above said, his statement does work "weapon(s) of war" twice into three short paragraphs. Impressive.
  6. "Thanks" to the Rowes, to Mauser, and to all who work so diligently to stand not only for our 2A guaranteed rights...but for what is "right".
  7. "En banc". The whole panel of judges on the 5th Circuit. And which SCOTUS justice oversees the 5th Circuit? Alito. Which justice oversees the 7th? Barrett. I'm just sayin'.
  8. It'd be a pity if someone pointed this out to the media. And maybe tweeted to the representative about it. If in fact he tweets.
  9. That has got to be one of the dumbest things I've ever read. Or most dishonest. Or both.
  10. Somehow I have trouble imagining Rep. Hoffman touring his district, and telling his constituents they have to dispose of their 13 plus round magazines. And register their newly banned firearms.
  11. ....this early morning's Leftist gun grab, please consider calling their office, and telling them "thanks". I did, and had a nice conversation with the lady that answered the phone. I know that when a person runs for political office, they accept the heat that goes with it. That said, it's still probably good to hear some appreciation. Not just for the office holder either, but for their employees (that didn't run for "the heat") as well. And who knows? You just might get a little nugget of insight as to the goings on. Thanks.
  12. And the shortest path to legal action by our side, one would think.
  13. I see a couple (at least) of downstate Democrats voted yes. That'll get some people's attention. Here's hoping they remember the next time they vote.
  14. Neither were laptops. One wonders if the rep. uses one in the course of exercising his 1A rights?
  15. Come next week, Durkin is no longer minority leader...correct?
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