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  1. From "The Reload". https://thereload.com/analysis-illinois-tempts-fate-in-scotus-defense-of-ar-15-ban/
  2. Huh. "Venue shopping" is bad. Buying seats on the state supreme court is apparently good. Go figure.
  3. And 2A rights of the people of IL are being very, very abused. BTW, who makes the call yea or nay on this?
  4. Done for all. If I may, respectfully......Please don't get discouraged. Us discouraged is just what the anti-2A side wants. Thanks Mauser, and to all there at Illinois Carry.
  5. How does this (or does it) affect the Bevis/Barnett case in the Southern District? Would McGlynn be bound by a ruling by another district level judge?
  6. ""A Cook County judge"....all you need to know. Oh....and Donald Trump was tried and convicted of insurrection....when? I'm sure her decision was without bias. I am equally sure that the moon is made of green cheese.
  7. This was published last Saturday. I don't see a date certain, but perhaps it will be helpful. Interesting that the state is trying to weasel their way out of defending the law (my take), and McGlynn isn't having it. https://justthenews.com/nation/states/center-square/judge-not-interested-delaying-challenge-illinois-gun-ban
  8. I wonder how Professor Cieslik feels about enforcing immigration laws?
  9. Something to think about: state and county level judges have to stand for reelection, correct? One guesses that in a few counties letting these perps skate, when they could be held, might be a resume enhancer. In the rest of the state, probably not so much.
  10. Mauser, Has the ISP said something along the lines of 'enforcement is going to be the responsibility of the various counties'? Edit: Never mind. Used the search feature.
  11. Transitive verb. #2: to treat contemptuously https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/flaunt
  12. CA7 should have that much respect for SCOTUS. Not arguing Euler. I'm just sayin'.
  13. They may not have taken into account the idea that lower court judges would openly flaunt the Supreme Court's rulings.
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