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  1. Got mine in last week....thanks for all the hard work !!
  2. Talk is cheap....when's the last time a FOID has bee issued according to the legal time limit ?? Illinois sucks sooooooo bad....don't see that ever changing.
  3. This RINO would be NO loss to the Republican party....
  4. ILL.....inois is a JOKE !!!! Just renewed my Utah....I think $27 with CC fee .
  5. BCC

    9mm Ammo

    SG has been pretty much out ( few here & there ) for 9mm & .223 for the last month. When anything worthwhile appears it's gone at the INFLATED PRICE quickly !! Ammoseek had Hornady Critical Defense 115gr 9mm the other day for.......$2.00 per round !!!!! What a deal.......
  6. Don't sweat it-----the bag is NOT worth the wait !!!!!
  7. Applied 1-20-2016 with prints Active 3-09-2016 went from Submitted to Active In hand 3-18-2016 Time for a walk.........................
  8. Never received a letter or email.....just the FOID which I'd rather have anyway !!!!
  9. ACTIVE today........51 days total !! Big shout out to Molly B. for helping look into problems in the process.
  10. Congrats to those receiving cards !!!! Submitted 12-08-15 and still under review !! Don't get it.........
  11. ISP just responded to my emails and stated they are aware of the backlog ( WOW wonder who told them) and they were working MANY extra hours but had NO definite idea of how long the process would take !!!!!! Man....I feel way better now !!!!!!!
  12. Day 48 and still under review.......what a GREAT State we live in !!!!! Hopefully they'll be understanding when I'm late with my Income taxes--------
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