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  1. I guess I'll have to find out where to surrender my Anaconda and Model 29, both with 8 " barrels.🤣
  2. I've had Ring Spotlight Cams for a few years and don't have any complaints. Super easy to install and set-up.
  3. For "gun people" who are forced to go through the motions for their permission slip, this type of class is fine. Non-gun folks could probably benefit from a much smaller class size.
  4. Exactly. I'm quite sure he's a dem, but he's less of a dem than BJ.
  5. True, but I remember the crowds lining both sides of the street all the way back to the bridge and beyond.
  6. Gun-rights advocates rally in Springfield (msn.com) Looks like a pretty sad turn out.
  7. billzfx4


    I would very seriously doubt it. 03's are specifically for personal collecting and not a license to deal.
  8. billzfx4


    The days of the couple hundred dollar SKS and 89 dollar Mosin are long gone, which is the reason I got mine many years ago. I've kept mine current and keep a few copies in my truck. It's come in very handy (No running back 3 days later) at gun shows and out of the way shops where I picked up some 60's and early 70's Colt's. For the price and relative ease of obtaining, I'd say it's worth it.
  9. I've used Hoppes since I've owned guns. If I ever turn some of them into full auto's and shoot thousands upon thousands of rounds in one range trip, then metal wear may become an issue.
  10. Considering the shenanigans they've pulled, I'd be surprised if many members are left.
  11. There's 250 million down the toilet into cronies pockets. Fixed it for myself.
  12. Sad thing is that the ones who really need the hammer laid down on them will be unaffected, and some poor schmuck will wind up getting railroaded because of this.
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