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  1. I've used Hoppes since I've owned guns. If I ever turn some of them into full auto's and shoot thousands upon thousands of rounds in one range trip, then metal wear may become an issue.
  2. Considering the shenanigans they've pulled, I'd be surprised if many members are left.
  3. There's 250 million down the toilet into cronies pockets. Fixed it for myself.
  4. Sad thing is that the ones who really need the hammer laid down on them will be unaffected, and some poor schmuck will wind up getting railroaded because of this.
  5. If you are willing to order one, Hidden Hybrid makes excellent holsters. I own 3 of them for different carry guns. https://hiddenhybridholsters.com/collections/glock/products/glock-glock-19-23-25-32-38-double-clip-iwb-owb
  6. Which disaster? China Virus or JB as governor??
  7. I would still like to know what (if anything) would prevent a FFL from telling me to go kick rocks, they don't want to be bothered with this BS. If I had an 01, the hassle of being someone's secretary for 20 years is certainly not worth $25 to me.
  8. FOID or budget........either way we're gonna get screwed!
  9. Watched the video and renewed via cell phone 3/6 New card issued 3/15 Received in the mail today
  10. The '59 Les Paul caught my eye, and then the price brought a tear to it!
  11. Got my renewal letter today, sounds like the cell phone is the way to go.
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