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  1. .....and he'll be out to commit #8 felony by the end of the week. I would have let him back out the window, without the assistance of the scaffolding.
  2. The substantially similar only applies to getting a non resident ccl. If you have a valid license from any state, you can have a loaded firearm in your vehicle.
  3. If he has a vaild FOID, drop them off with him before you leave. Have a nice trip. Collect them upon arrival home.
  4. I guess I'll have to find out where to surrender my Anaconda and Model 29, both with 8 " barrels.🤣
  5. I've had Ring Spotlight Cams for a few years and don't have any complaints. Super easy to install and set-up.
  6. For "gun people" who are forced to go through the motions for their permission slip, this type of class is fine. Non-gun folks could probably benefit from a much smaller class size.
  7. Exactly. I'm quite sure he's a dem, but he's less of a dem than BJ.
  8. True, but I remember the crowds lining both sides of the street all the way back to the bridge and beyond.
  9. Gun-rights advocates rally in Springfield (msn.com) Looks like a pretty sad turn out.
  10. billzfx4


    I would very seriously doubt it. 03's are specifically for personal collecting and not a license to deal.
  11. billzfx4


    The days of the couple hundred dollar SKS and 89 dollar Mosin are long gone, which is the reason I got mine many years ago. I've kept mine current and keep a few copies in my truck. It's come in very handy (No running back 3 days later) at gun shows and out of the way shops where I picked up some 60's and early 70's Colt's. For the price and relative ease of obtaining, I'd say it's worth it.
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