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  1. I should just mind my own "bidness" From the ISP website a couple of minutes ago..
  2. Yikes.. I renewed my FOID May 2018 for 10 bucks (+ a 1.00 convenience fee) and it is good for 10 years. Issued 05/xx/2018, expires 05/xx/2028.. If memory serves.. Based on financial records.. I actually applied / renewed on 04/17/18 and FOID in hand less than 30 days later.
  3. Just went to "approved" today.. 03/27/19 Shows "Active" with a date of 03/28/19 when I checked this morning on 03/29/19 New CCL arrived in the mail today (04/04/19) Says issued in 03/28 (which is when it went active checking the website), expires on 03/28/2024 so I got 30 days of free carry (not really).. Old CCL expired on 02/28/19 The pic on the license is the same one as my DL which I renewed in August 2018.
  4. Just went to "approved" today.. 03/27/19 Shows "Active" with a date of 03/28/19 when I checked this morning on 03/29/19
  5. Submitted for renewal on 01/07/19 with prints from original license application. Just went to QC_Verified - 03/21/19
  6. "Under Review" is what is displayed in the portal, from submission until one goes "Active". Inspect Element reveals SUBMITTED, QC_VERIFIED, APPROVED as the process moves along. So the change you mention doesn't make sense to me. I applied for the renewal 12/17 and remain "Submitted" today. I may be mistaken but I am pretty sure it at 1st said submitted, then last night it changed to under review.. And I am talking about the web page.. Not the inspect element thingy.
  7. I submitted / renewed on 1/7.. Checked last night and it has changed from "Submitted" to "Under Review".
  8. Thanks guys.. Not to trash this thread but when I renewed my FOID (a few months ago), there were two separate charges which screws up my financial software if the charges are not entered correctly in the software and then transactions are downloaded that do not match.
  9. You guys who have submitted / applied for your renewal.. I submitted today (01/07/19) and used a credit card for payment. My question is in regard to how they charge your CC. Is it one charge for 153.38 or two separate charges.. One for the 150.00 & another for 3.38?
  10. I didn't see my name on the list? I thought we spoke by PM's. Alpha Koncepts Firearm Training Located in Niles. Most classes in Lombard area. 847-612-3952 www.alphakoncepts.com I signed up yesterday (Sunday).. For the class @ Article II (Article 2) in Lombard.. 1/6/19 @ 8:15am hosted by Alpha Koncepts.. Good for me as A2 is only a few miles away from me..
  11. I'm posting this because I have seen other posts in regard to wait times, mailing times etc. for FOID. My FOID expires on 7/1/18. I got an e-mail from the ISP letting me know my FOID was going to expire. I applied / renewed on 4/17/18 and the new FOID showed up in the mail yesterday (05/12/18) with an issue date of 05/09/2018. The FOID# on the new card is same as the old card except for "14" was placed before the FOID number. Now it matches the number on my CCL.
  12. Nice job Fife.. How do you guys find this stuff? (Keep up with it).. 15 year old perp.. Very disturbing.. This wasn't shoplifting..
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