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  1. Since it looks like OP is good to go... Why Real ID or a passport? That requirement has been delayed to 2023, unless there's some firearm-specific restriction I'm missing.
  2. No more Molly interventions allowed, or are those only good for renewals?
  3. I'm in Condensed Mode. I didn't know Expanded View was a thing. I just tried it and had an instant hate reaction to it. It's likely the IC filters wouldn't let me type my reaction. In general I'm not a fan of preview modes in anything, and that definitely applies here. I'm in the keyboard-and-mouse crowd. The scroll wheel on the mouse beats the heck out of swiping or using the page up/down keys. To be fair, I never really looked at IC on my phone, but when I did I thought the interface was a little cumbersome. I'll have to check it out to see if that's improved.
  4. Thanks! Other than that, I have no real complaints. It's both different and the same. Functionality is mostly identical. The extra space doesn't bother me much, but if you managed to squeeze everything back down for PC users, I certainly wouldn't argue against that.
  5. I guess this is a good place for feedback as any.... I assume the "popular" and "unanswered" questions tabs under Illinois Carry Licensing Process are intentional. I'm not a fan, because now the pinned threads are below those tabs.
  6. I don't recall seeing a committee hearing where we could file witness slips for these changes! I don't recall seeing a committee hearing where we could file witness slips for these changes! Purple 1 vs. Purple 2.
  7. This week's ISRA Thursday Bulletin made no mention that Gov. Pritzker signed HB 562 into law. Shocking.
  8. There's a thread in the Back Room about this, if you want to share your woes with them. Good luck, OP! https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=78240
  9. Seems to be, although he's bashing them at the same time.
  10. I knew someone had posted a link to that conversation, but couldn't remember who or where. Is he on Todd's (our) side now, or is he still firmly in the ISRA camp? My two cents: By keeping quiet until the vote was complete, the ISRA thought it would be better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Had they gone to the members ahead of the vote and asked our opinions, I'm sure most of us would have told them to say no as loudly as possible. Fast forward to the future: If the bills actually don't pass and everything is improved because the ISRA still has a seat at the table, I'll eat my words. I don't see it happening.
  11. Heck with that. "Hey, ISRA, your input should be that all these bills suck, you oppose them, and that you'll expend your energy in court since it seems to be the only solid ground to stand on focus anyway. Not opposing a bad bill is going to come back to bite you."
  12. The last post was interesting. If it was in reference to HB0562, "never had a chance at becoming law" seems a little too optimistic. Meanwhile, mauserme started a separate thread with a WTTW article, and the ISRA position is clarified somewhat. https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=78083
  13. That is phenomenal, I wish they could get through the older renewals like this too. There's a stack of printouts in the office that fell on the floor last year. Once they finally hired somebody's relative to pile them up again, they started going through them one at a time from the top down. Unfortunately, they only have one inbox, so the new requests are getting put on top of the old pile and are thus cleared first. At least when a specific request comes in to find someone's old renewal, they hire that relative back to sort through the pile.
  14. https://www.fox6now.com/news/k-9s-will-detect-firearms-at-mayfair-mall
  15. https://www.wisn.com/article/mayfair-mall-to-add-gun-sniffing-dogs-for-additional-security/34851978
  16. Plan ahead: have someone take a clear head-and-shoulders photo of you against a light solid background. You'll need to submit that so they can match it to your D/L photo. Get that photo onto your computer. Do everything that follows on your computer, not a mobile device. Go to https://www.ispfsb.com/ and into the FOID Card section. Register as a New User and enter any/all relevant info. I think you enter your FOID number when you're doing that. After you have that set up, then you should be able to fill out the renewal application. There's not much to the application itself. During the application, you'll upload your photo and pay the renewal fee. If you use a credit card, there's a small additional fee to offset the cost of the transaction, so I think it's $11 total.
  17. Holy cow.... Renewal paid 1/4/2021 Expired 3/1/2021 (never got a letter in December, thus the January renewal) ACTIVE 4/8/2021 Still haven't gotten the card in the mail yet. Hopefully that actually arrives in my mailbox, unlike the renewal letter.
  18. Dang... There's a moderator here named Molly B. who probably could've helped you expedite that!
  19. 8 days from application to in the mailbox? Did she also submit compromising photos of an elected official?!
  20. Unless HJRCA18 also gets rid of "Subject only to the police power," will it have any teeth?
  21. Definitely contact Molly with the information she requested. My wife was in a similar boat, having applied for renewal in November 2019. After a year of "under review", Molly helped get things unplugged. It's as if whole batches of applications got dropped on a dusty desk somewhere and forgotten.
  22. LOL correct it's a renewal. Hopefully they'll get it sorted out by December. December of what year remains to be seen.
  23. Start the clock... Purple for effect. Let's find out if listing a different weight from my D/L (180, down from 230) is going to affect the application.
  24. 6 months maybe but how in the world does it take over a year? There is no way for them to have a reasonable explanation for that...is there? No explanation was given, but given the speed of the response from the individuals involved, I have a suspicion it was just lost in somebody's inbox somewhere and thus overlooked. Edit to add: I assume they don't have a way to alert someone to "Under Review" applications in date order, oldest applications first. This is desperately needed.
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