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  1. I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of inherited firearms out there.
  2. IANAL but from what I read, since you have had a domestic battery conviction, you are lifetime banned from owning firearms unless you can get that conviction set aside.
  3. I do everyday, off body of course, and my reasoning is because I can. A pistol is a pistol and a rifle is a rifle.
  4. Not the wrong way at all, my lawyer and our states attorney are pretty pro 2A and this was during the height of the pandemic. Plus my lawyer was going willing to drag it out forever if he needed.
  5. Possibly. I have no special conditions for my supervision. (Except don't get in trouble for 2 years.) But I made it very clear I wasn't willing to give up my 2A rights. And our DA was willing to comply on that notion.
  6. Either I got lucky or I had a good lawyer. I made the choice to drive after a few too many, and got a DUI in 2018. I also had a loaded firearm in the vehicle(my mistake due to a misinterpretation of the law). I am still currently on court supervision and haven't had any repercussions because of it. I've also bought a few firearms since that arrest. From what I gather, you can answer no to the question about receiving alcohol treatment, since the classes you take are DUI re-education classes and not treatment. I can't help you with your cases, but I feel it's important to share my story.
  7. In 2015 alone Chicago had 15 mass shootings. So to say there's never been a mass shooting in Chicago, is incorrect. Just because we don't hear about it in the MSM doesn't mean there hasn't been any.
  8. Mine came today. 98 days total from application to in hand. Also wally walk is complete.
  9. But can't you still apply over the phone, then send in a 10 dollar check? I know that was an option after they got rid of the paper applications.
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