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  1. Last week Maxon's seemed really well stocked on ammo. However, I believe it's only for people using the range.
  2. May I ask what you are purchasing? There are members here who may have what you need at a better price than online stores.
  3. Rebel1CSA. this thread is about shipping to Chicago, Alsip is not Chicago. Big difference. Alsip is part of Cook County. Chicago is part of Cook County. Not so big difference.
  4. and shipped today!!! NO emails of it being cancled and no Problems http://ammomart.com/Content/Images/AmmoMartDiamondPlate-small.jpg http://ammomart.com/Content/Images/RealFirepowerOnline-small.jpg Your order has been shipped. Thanks for choosing AmmoMart for your ammunition needs. Your order has been shipped, and should arrive shortly. See below for details. Order Number: # Shipped on 7/19/2016 using UPS Ground: Note: This email address was provided on our registration page. If you own the email and did not register on our site, please send an email to info@ammomart.com. Off topic, but how are you liking your Sig Sauer 716? And what ammo brands have you had luck with in it?
  5. So is all of Cook County affected? Or just the city of Chicago?
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