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Convert resident to non-resident permit


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I moved to Texas several months ago and still have my IL FOID and IL CC permit. Both appear to still be valid on the ISP website.


I see that IL will allow TX residents to apply for a non-resident permit, but do you know if it's possible to convert my existing resident permit into a non-resident permit? I have some friends in Chicago still and it would be nice to be able to carry when I'm up there.

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Texas seems to be on the "substantially similar" list.

I think you need to apply for a new non-resident license which will cost $300.

If you are lucky, your previous training will be sufficient.


No matter what the ISP Portal indicates, I'm pretty sure your FOID and CCL are no longer valid as a resident of Texas. If you receive a non resident license, It becomes void should your state no longer qualify as "substantially similar".


Obviously, you need to do the work and find these answers on your own.

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Illinois law and the ISP FAQs are clear: As you are no longer a resident of Illinois, your FOID and CCL cards are considered null and void and should technically be surrendered back to the ISP FSB in Springfield by mail. This also follows the legal requirement that you must notify the ISP of your change of address when you move.


As noted above, there is no conversion process. The good news is that Texas makes the list for "substantially similar." The bad news is you will have to re-apply as a non-resident which includes all applicable fees and wait times.




What if I moved out of state? What should I do with my CCL?

Simply mail it back to the Firearms Services Bureau at 801 S. 7th Street, Suite 400M, Springfield Illinois 62703. Include a note that you have moved out of state and are surrendering your CCL. If you are moving to a substantially similar state and wish to have an Illinois CCL, you will have to re-apply following that process. 






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 Looking at the ISP web site for valid FOID’s and CCL’s is akin to looking for Hunter Biden’s e-mails........not there.

You could see on their web site the next 10 years and your licenses would be valid, but they’re not. They don’t have a high priority on keeping up.

Shame really but you are in a better place now. Revel in that fact and don’t look back!

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