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  1. Curious why you applied for SC's Non-Resident CWP? SC honors IL's CCW license these days (I believe as of August).
  2. Illinois law and the ISP FAQs are clear: As you are no longer a resident of Illinois, your FOID and CCL cards are considered null and void and should technically be surrendered back to the ISP FSB in Springfield by mail. This also follows the legal requirement that you must notify the ISP of your change of address when you move. As noted above, there is no conversion process. The good news is that Texas makes the list for "substantially similar." The bad news is you will have to re-apply as a non-resident which includes all applicable fees and wait times.
  3. Appendix J contains the ISP's responses to each Auditor General recommendation. In summary, ISP "concurs," is "working on it," and repeated already known statistics and facts. However, an interesting tidbit within the ISP's response to Recommendation 2 (regarding meeting statutory timeframes for applications): "As a result of the Lean 6 Assessment, streamlined process developments and hiring additional staff the FSB will be in compliance with the directory for FOID renewal applications at or near the end of September 2021." Considering the ISP published an average processing time of 258.2 days in August 2021, I'm skeptical to believe they will reduce that number to within compliance by the end of this month.
  4. Update for anyone else in a similar situation: I decided to call the ISP to verify the TCN that was re-submitted, and I'm glad I did (minus the 2.5 hour hold I had to sit through). The customer service agent was able to immediately "push it through" to re-check my TCN's validity, implying they would not have gotten around to it for a long time (if ever). The system returned Valid and she confirmed my estimated processing time was lowered by 30 days. She was also able to quote a specific # of days which seems to imply the system already has us in a queue with projected processing timelines. She also mentioned that they have been good with keeping up with the system-quoted timelines. Perhaps some of us get slotted earlier and some of us get slotted later in the queue. I'm curious if the quote I received will hold true..
  5. Can you clarify what you mean by the current TCN not being recent enough? Is there an expiration or duration of validity associated with a set of prints/TCN obtained by a Live Scan vendor?
  6. I just submitted two different FOID applications and put the Unit # in both ways: (A) one within Address Line 1, and the other (B) as part of the separate Apt input cell that the ISP website offers. The former results in the usual USPS format when processed, and the latter processes as Random St. #00. Both got approved. I don't think it matters- but if I had to lean one way or the other, I would recommend (A), putting the Apt/Unit # on the same line as Address Line 1. This is because during the CCL application, the system does a check against the Illinois SOS address you have on file, and it tends to match better when it follows the USPS format that your Drivers License or ID will be using. When I first tried my CCL application using (B) above, the ISP website said my address did not match the one they had on file for me (i.e. the USPS-formatted one). But switching my profile to use option (A) allowed it to match immediately within the system and avoided any headache with the rest of my CCL application. It will also help avoid future issues with not matching with your DL/ID (e.g., ordering ammo online). To clarify: Option (A) - My recommendation - "Random St. Unit 00, City, IL" by manually entering the unit as part of Address Line 1 Option (B) - Not recommended - "Random St. #00, City, IL" using the ISP Website's separate cell input for Unit
  7. Either my fiance and I got lucky, or processing times are getting better. New FOID Application: Submitted 8/24 Active 9/3 Received 9/14 FOID Address Change: Submitted 8/25 Active 8/30 Received 9/11
  8. I had the same issue, as I had an old FOID card and was required to call into the ISP Call Center to verify my information before my online account was active. I had to call several times - and most times I received a "Verizon Wireless unable to complete this call" message before connecting. There were a few instances where I got through and spent 2+ hours waiting on hold before dropping myself. Finally, after a few calls and about 6 collective hours of being on hold, I was connected to an Agent on a Wednesday morning around 9:00-9:30am CST. Essentially, it was a "first call of the morning" type situation, and they activated my account within a minute.
  9. I recently applied for my CCL on 8/31. I got letter in the mail recently, dated 9/8, that my Fingerprint Transaction Control Number (TCN) was "Invalid" with no other reasoning. This also resulting in my application being bumped into the standard no-prints queue. My Live Scan vendor has told me that the TCN I submitted was correct, that this happens from time to time, and that they re-submitted the TCN on their end to be safe. I've read posts from a few years ago suggesting contacting the ISP Bureau of Identifications (BOI). Naturally, their call center is offline due to COVID, and per usual I am having a difficult time getting through to the regular ISP FSB call center. I have alternatively emailed both, hoping that (eventually) I will get a response. Does anyone have any recent experience with this situation and any advice on what other steps I can take to ensure my application is not significantly delayed? Or any further insight as to why this might happen? Cheers.
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