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Staying at a friends home with your firearm

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Hi, this may be a silly question but my friend just moved and we're both excited about it and he wants me to come stay with him for a week, kind of breaking in the house so to speak, he lives by himself at the moment. He does not have a FOID card, but I do have a FOID. Would it be all right if I brought one of my firearms with me while I stayed there for a week? I do not have a ccl if that matters but did recently apply. I'm just wondering if I could bring a Firearm with me and keep it in the room I'm staying in. If it matters any I have a cheap gun cabinet that I can bring with me. Thanks
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I wouldn't know the answer but it just "feels" like you're walking that fine line.


It's not like you're leaving your house and within that very same day you're going to a store/range or some other place to use the firearm then you'll be back to your registered mailing address before the next calendar day which makes me feel like you're CCL'ing.


Also, you're going to Cook county which is pretty darn strict.  If you're stopped or end up using your firearm in any way and it's been out of your home address for any length of days with no CCL I feel like it can only end bad.


Just thinking out loud tho you do you...  It's not even like you can say "I don't have a CCL but my friend does so I was leaving the firearms with him", he doesn't even have a FOID!

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If you are following all the rules of transporting a firearm in Illinois you are probably OK. The rules say nothing about where you are going or for what purpose. Your firearm need not be at your home address, as far as I can tell, and you need not be transporting only to a range or anything like that.


It is an AR or some type of Cook County banned "assault weapon" (including magazines over 12 rounds), leave it locked up at home.


 - unloaded,

 - in a case,

 - must have your FOID with you.


Magazines may be loaded, and may be in the same case as a pistol, but may not be inserted into the gun. A fanny Pack (old guy here) qualifies as a case. Your gun may not be loaded.


Do yourself a huge favor and verify all of this info on your own... as a gun owner you should be fully aware of all the rules and regulations.



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