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  1. I was not expecting so many replies. Thank you all so much and I'm glad to be here! My father has a FOID and there are no restrictions in the county I or he lives in other than the standard Illinois restrictions. But the whole situation just had me thinking and I watched some YouTube videos and it makes you question the Integrity of the common gun safes, let's just say the ones that can be had for $500-800. I cannot afford no fancy $5,000 safe either but we are looking into getting an alarm system now. The safe I have has been bolted down and hidden as much as possible in a usually locked room since the day I've gotten it. I would definitely keep something here in case the situation ever presented itself where I needed a firearm but I do want to get what I normally don't use at the range somewhere safer than here since we have Prowlers in the neighborhood. All the information was very helpful and I really appreciate all you guys who took time to reply!
  2. Well, that's walmart for ya. Most gun shops would accept it. I'm not sure what the big deal is because I just flash my foid and it's good, like sometimes it don't even leave my hand. But I stopped bothering with ammo at Walmart. I walk by and see 22lr sometimes, always 12 gauge and various rifle rounds but guess what, you can't get anybody over there to help you for the life of you, unless you're lucky of course. Every time it's wait 10 minutes, wait 15 mins, walk around looking for somebody, oh nobody here has a foid, oh we can't find the key. It's a bunch of BS so I stopped bothering and if I were you I wouldn't even worry about getting stuff from Walmart anyway, even though their prices are still normal.
  3. Hi, this may be a silly question but my friend just moved and we're both excited about it and he wants me to come stay with him for a week, kind of breaking in the house so to speak, he lives by himself at the moment. He does not have a FOID card, but I do have a FOID. Would it be all right if I brought one of my firearms with me while I stayed there for a week? I do not have a ccl if that matters but did recently apply. I'm just wondering if I could bring a Firearm with me and keep it in the room I'm staying in. If it matters any I have a cheap gun cabinet that I can bring with me. Thanks
  4. As of about the last 4 weeks, no. But if that happened 3, 4, 5+ months ago, you would have been the luckiest person in Illinois. That's still a very quick turnaround time. I hope they (ISP) keep this up. Welcome aboard!
  5. Just an update. Brother in law received foid card yesterday. Applied February 24th. Original thread I posted is titled foid/misdemeanor question.
  6. Btw, I am speaking in general and not directly about your case. Just upsets me, people have foid cards (rightfully) for sometimes years, own many firearms, then isp says nope a few years down the road after issuance and yanks it over a past issue..
  7. Awesome. Always like reading stories like these. But my question is why do they even issue Foid cards, just to revoke them? Can't they see this stuff before they even issued one?
  8. I sent Molly a message just now asking about donating. If anybody can tell me sooner if I would be able to use a prepaid debit card on here to support Illinois Carry I would appreciate it. Thank you
  9. Thank you everybody! This is why I love this site. I usually find more helpful information floating around here than I do anywhere else. You guys put his/our mind at ease and he is going to go ahead and apply now. I told him about the average 5 month wait though and that brought his happiness back down but hey what can ya do. I waited 179 days for a "simple" address change myself last year. I also just found out today that becoming a supporting member means donating to help the cause. I thought it meant just posting and replying a lot, or I would have already done that. And you could also edit your posts. Boy do I feel dumb now and I am going to do that this upcoming monday when I get paid. I'm also going to try and be more active around here. Thanks again everybody!
  10. Thanks for the fast replies! No felonies on his record but what I was kind of concerned about (after quickly looking into it a tiny bit before coming here) was if you are convicted of a misdemeanor under the age of 21 you could get denied and that's the only info I found on it but he was never convicted and never plead guilty either, he only had court supervision and completed it to my knowledge. I'm not even sure if it went on his record or not to begin with since he never plead guilty and was never convicted and did his service, but just in case it did is what has me worried. This was back around 2010. I just did not want him to waste months waiting, just for him to be denied, they ask him to prove himself innocent or go through the appeal process or whatever it may be as I know that would take up a lot more time and resources. I was just trying to know before hand if that would stay on your record if you were never convicted or plead guilty and if it did go on your record would that be a disqualifier or not. Thank you and if anybody has any more input it's appreciated and I will definitely reply back to this thread when he does apply and we find out what they say!
  11. I brought my brother-in-law with me to the LGS yesterday and he was pretty impressed by everything and was asking me about how you get a FOID card. Well it seemed pretty simple and like a closed case to me and I was going to help him sign up for it but then he mentioned "oh yeah when I was like 20 years old I got caught with a little bit of marijuana". Well I stopped everything in my tracks and told him i'm not sure you can now. I made him dig around and find his records,I guess he was never convicted but had Court supervision. It says the case was dismissed without adjudication of guilt and without the entry of the Judgment of conviction. It was misdemeanor possession of cannabis. Is he wasting his time and getting his hopes up or would he be able to still get his Foid?
  12. So, if that passes, would you have to surrender your rifles or would that make it where you just can not buy them anymore?
  13. I'm usually just a reader on the fourm but this has me curious. Did they revoke your FOID card after you applied for your CCL and they found everything out or is it still active? They dig way deeper when applying for a CCL than they do for a FOID, which is kind of strange to me because you think they would do that for the FOID also. I'm sorry if you made an original post and I missed it but what county are you in? I know some counties like Cook are notorious for denying CCl apps over any little thing. I hope everything works out for you in the long run.
  14. Applied for address change on 3/12, active 9/11. One day short of 6 full months...
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