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Change FOID address

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I called the ISP to change the address on my FOID back on May 2 and still haven't gotten the updated FOID card. After a little research it looks like their policy is to just note the address change and not actually send a new card, which I find odd given that they charge you $5+$1 processing fee. I took a look at the statute that sets out the fees for these things and I don't think they're doing it correctly. I think the correct reading of the statute is $5 should get you a new card for name or address change. I could also see a reading of the statute that says you simply have to notify them about an address change with no charge and $5 gets you a new card for a name change. I cannot see a reading of the statute that allows for a $5 charge for an address change that doesn't get you a new card.


(430 ILCS 65/13.2) (from Ch. 38, par. 83-13.2)
Sec. 13.2. The Department of State Police shall, 60 days prior to the expiration of a Firearm Owner's Identification Card, forward by first class mail to each person whose card is to expire a notification of the expiration of the card and an application which may be used to apply for renewal of the card. It is the obligation of the holder of a Firearm Owner's Identification Card to notify the Department of State Police of any address change since the issuance of the Firearm Owner's Identification Card. Whenever any person moves from the residence address named on his or her card, the person shall within 21 calendar days thereafter notify in a form and manner prescribed by the Department of his or her old and new residence addresses and the card number held by him or her. Any person whose legal name has changed from the name on the card that he or she has been previously issued must apply for a corrected card within 30 calendar days after the change. The cost for a corrected card shall be $5 which shall be deposited into the State Police Firearm Services Fund.


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I changed my address as well.


After I log into the ISP, it shows my new address at the top left of the page and the FOID (and CCL) are "Under Review"

If your FOID has not expired, you can still buy a firearm / ammunition - but make sure you update your address with the DMV - Driver's license and all your registrations.


No new card- yet, but when I run a private transfer it tells me I'm "APPROVED"

I believe they are supposed to send you a new FOID (and CCL - if that applies) but it's probably going to take a while.

If you call back, good luck getting in touch with a human being at that place!

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Just check the status of my FOID / CCL address change.

The FOID states - ACTIVE so should be getting my new card in 2 to 3 years... :flowers:

CCL - Still Under Review - I'd guess for local LE review and time to file an opposition.

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OK - I have to eat some crow...

Got my revised FOID card today (change of address) and it only took 23 days...


The new card number has the same 8 digit number as my old card, but now has 14 preceding that number.

In other words it has the same number now that my CCL card has.

I ran a private transfer including the 14******** and it showed approved.

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P.s. thank you for continuing to honor Phil Compton "ishmo" in your signature. We do miss him....

I feel - well... dunno!! "Special"?

The ISP likes me!!


Phil was a good friend of mine. He had a bad year on his second tour.

He was on the LRRP team RT Georgia - too many casualties and too many missions.

I miss him too.

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I recently moved to a different suburb after already having an active FOID/CCL. I updated my address on the ISP web portal and paid the $81 fee. Now both FOID and CCL say "under review." Am I allowed to continue to carry using my current CCL card which has my old address on it? If I am pulled over or something like that and an officer takes my card is he going to run it and will it not come up as active? I have scoured the internet and I cannot find an answer to this question.


Thanks. If this has been answered please point me to the correct thread.

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