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  1. "Corrupt towns within towns in Lake County lower country road speed limits from 55 to 30 all the time and run radar in those spots" So.... if one were going the speed limit and got radared in a quick change 30 MPH zone (I mostly see this after a warning sign before the change myself?) one would 'only' be going 25mph over the limit.....unless one were already speeding? I do agree his lawyer should have advised him about the FOID relationship to the reckless driving charge supervision agreement before he signed it......but I simply have little sympathy or empathy for reckless drivers. Two separate issues conflated in this post.
  2. "There's no reason to attack anyone here or make assumptions." I too do not understand and am disturbed by a connection between reckless driving and gun rights. The sole 'assumptions' I am making are based on the OP's comments. He has had speeding tickets and is a reckless driver by his own admission. So not so much an assumption on my part as it is a conclusion? I can share best wishes on getting the FOID reinstated while at the same time hoping he is not driving near me at any time.
  3. Sounds like lawyer 'weasel words' to me - LOL. Yer Ahner… my client is a fine upstanding citizen. 175 arrests, no convictions.lol The cop was profiling me........ I bet he wasn't arresting everyone driving 65 on that sidewalk........ I'm a victim!!!!!!!! Oh the humanity!!!!!!!! "Don't sing the blues if you can't pay the dues, don't roll the dice if you can't pay the price." lol
  4. So to the OP, what part of the State do you call home? It isn't important to your current situation of course, I'm just hoping I'm not sharing any local highways with you behind the wheel. Really? Experienced with enough speeding charges to know what's common for court supervisions and that seems to have taught you durn little if now it's a reckless driving charge? Just my old fart curmudgeonly nature peeking out, but IMHO you should have to pay insurance penalties for reckless driving. Slap on the wrist supervision is B.S. for repeat offenders. IMHO. Don't get angry, if you survive to my age you'll be a cranky useless buzzard too. lol
  5. I'm not a lawyer ner nuthin' but I do have an uninformed opinion. I'd say your friend should apply and see what happens. The worst case is he getd rejected up front, possibly leaving him an appeal option....with I guess the 'worserest' case being getting approved and sooner or later getting their FOID yanked by the vagaries of the Illinois system. But really he won't know for sure until he tries. Best of luck to him.
  6. "5 arrests in 7 years is not a disqualification" Maybe not but it kinda gives one pause. Best of luck getting your past history clarified to your benefit.
  7. Is it possible the store made a clerical error relaying the FOID info?
  8. I guess about all that instructors could do to eliminate the problem down the road for any future folks is to require a FOID upfront? Good for the student but a potential loss of $$$ for instructors.
  9. I don't know that it brings anything PRO 2A to the fight ( all Chicago Dems) but here in Chicago my folks are: Dist 1 - Senate - Antonio Munoz Dist 1 - House - Daniel Burke US Congress - Dist 3 - Daniel Lipinski
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