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  1. Walmart - Waukegan 8/24/22 Took my FOID and entered all kinds of data in a stand alone computer - not the register. Asked me questions about my current address and use of the ammo - shotshells Marengo Guns - 8/17/22 Photocopy of my DL and FOID on a sheet of paper with some simple statements like "are you buying for yourself" "is your address correct" and I forget the other. At the bottom, it says this paperwork is REQUIRED by the IL St. Police I don't follow things super closely, but has something changed where the vendors have new rules per the ISP? If I have missed dozens of posts on this, flame away
  2. I bought a 12ga Tristar auto loader a couple weeks ago. Took it out and on the 2nd shot the action jammed open. Reassembled and all was well. When I took it apart, the forend had chipped where it meets the receiver on the inside of the wood. Have run at least 200 rds through it since then and all is well. I sent a note to Tristar via their website on Thurs 8/18. I received a reply a couple hours later asking for the serial number of the gun and my contact info. I responded Friday morning. I did not receive a response via email, however in the mail today was a brand new forend. With all of the crappy customer service issues throughout all aspects of life, this was a pleasant surprise. Kudos to Tristar BTW - I have a 20g Viper G2 and a 12g Viper G2 Sporting. They are not fancy, but function exactly as they should - even better than the price point guns they are.
  3. I have been out of the game for several years on buying new stuff. What is the normal FFL xfer fee currently? Is there a difference between long gun and handgun? The last time I did an online purchase the world was still normal - or at least not like this Thanks everyone....
  4. 2/4/20 renewal application 6/23/21 issued 6/30/21 in mail
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