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  1. 2/4/20 renewal application 6/23/21 issued 6/30/21 in mail
  2. FOID renewal received by ISP 2/4/20 "Under Review" currently
  3. Phillips 66 4402 Linden, Rockford, IL HUGE sign on the door Added to POSTED! IMG_0402 (396 x 528).bmp IMG_0402 (396 x 528).bmp
  4. I was out in Rockford for work yesterday. I was surprised to find a traffic control sign being changed to a no Beretta sign. If you look at the picture, the sign at the end of the lane with <--> was being covered over with a solid white background. Then, the 4x6 sign was being bolted in the middle of the sign. I was driving away from the sign when I realized what I had seen and didn't get a picture. However, it was very hard to see being so small on that big sign. Forest Plaza (Simon Mall property so that explains it) between the Outback Steakhouse and Kohls.
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