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  1. The subsequent ISRA notice about HB1092 says that it's looking like it will be coming out of the Illinois Senate Executive Committee shortly. They said to call one's state senator, so I did: John Curran is ours. The office lady was actually quite helpful and discussed how it would be best for all of us to be calling the members of the Executive Committee at this time. She correctly pointed out that a Republican legislator will have little to no impact on the bill's emergence or passage. Quite refreshing honesty, I thought. She duly noted our objection to the bill should it come up for a vote. I have not thought Senator Curran to be much of a gun-rights advocate, but this particular call made me think I could be off by a few degrees on that. I also saw on his web page that he has a link to a "Concealed Carry Handbook", which seems to be a positive, too.
  2. Wondering what the recent timeline would be for that. We are looking to add an instructor and can't imgaine how long til she gets approved. I recall mine coming pretty swiftly in the early days, but nowadays...
  3. Our neighbor bought a new long gun from a very large retail dealer. The background check took about 8-9 days before he could pick it up. We know it wasn't an issue with the check itself- he has high security clearances for his everyday line of work. The store managers tell us this is the new normal these days, for what it's worth.
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