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  1. Gun Zone Deals added and a coupe of dead links removed from the list.
  2. Thank you! We just don't want anyone feeling misled, a lot of people have posted here saying "so and so is good to go" then it turns out they don't live in the City proper.
  3. Can you confirm you live within the City of Chicago? Reason I ask is because people frequently pop up here saying such and such vendor shipped ammo to them, but they turn out to live in some nearby suburb, or they say "I live in Cook County". It's a lot more complicated than that so I need to confirm.
  4. The only state in the union with a FOID scheme and still it has one of the highest murder rates in the nation. So let's double down on it??
  5. Post office is a mess between DeJoy's mismanagement and workers sandbagging because they hate him, plus Covid stuff (they all received a large amount of available time off due to the pandemic and they are able to use it at any time). I've shipped stuff out priority that has taken up to a month to deliver and I frequently don't receive my magazines and other mail. It's just as likely to be lost in the system or sitting in some carrier's basement as delayed at the ISP.
  6. https://www.underwoodammo.com/also ships to Chicago. I just asked....and...ordered. She said they ship to Illinois so long as you upload your FOID card and they'll add it permanently to your account. I just bought Lehigh's defense ammo, Xtreme Defender +P 90gr. Wekickbrass had the exact same ammo but their shipping was just under nearly twice as much as Underwood's own website. Thanks, Nvalen, for mentioning Wekickbrass, it reminded me to get the Underwood. Underwood have been GTG since 2015. I've ordered all my PD ammo from them, good folks.
  7. Giving big speeches about gun control is just pandering to his base. None of what he's proposed would have changed a thing about the recent mass shootings.
  8. Yeah, a bunch of vendors still think it's illegal to ship ammo directly to Chicago residents regardless of anything you show them. Their comment you posted doesn't even apply to Chicago, because of home rule. The vendors can't show you where the law is, they just say it is not allowed. I have learned the hard way there's no point at all in arguing with them, unless you enjoy wasting your time. I accept they have a right to operate their company in whatever bizarre, paranoid manner they like and forget about them. Fortunately, we have many friendly, knowledgeable vendors to legally sell ammo to Chicagoans.
  9. The post that originally said they were GTG was from 2015. I really don't want to get into this thing with repeatedly adding and then removing vendors whenever someone either is successful or has an issue, because that defeats the purpose of having the most accurate list. If it's really important to people have this or another particular vendor on the OK list, someone needs to contact them and get them to commit once and for all that they will ship ammo to Chicago. So then, the next time an employee there denies someone's purchase, that communication can be provided back to them. Another possibility is that someone else take ownership of updating this list going forward. I actually don't live in the City of Chicago anymore and I'm just maintaining this now as a helpful service to other Chicago residents. If someone would like to do that, please let me know and I'll ask the admins to transfer ownership.
  10. They used to be on the list. I had ordered ammo several times from them in the past and commented on this thread. They were added on the list after that but then disappeared for some reason. You can read about why they were removed here: http://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54598&page=12&do=findComment&comment=1073407 The wishy washy inconsistent ones are even more frustrating than the ones who simply say no because you never know what you're getting with them. One person will have no problems, then someone else places an order and has their time wasted. We really need for this list to be as accurate as possible and folks become understandably upset when they place an order through someone on this list and have their order refused or canceled. So it's probably best to leave them off.
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