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  1. If it shoots a projectile it's a firearm, even if it's a replica of an antique IMO. I'd have the seller ship to FFL someplace outside of the city, then make the drive out and pick it up. We have a number of FFLs in nearby suburbs listed here.
  2. It's nice to see David Sigale's name again. Seems like we have just about the best possible folks involved in this.
  3. Ahh, good old Joel from Luckygunner. I wasted days of my life on that guy a few years ago. https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?/topic/54598-online-ammunition-sellers-who-will-ship-to-chicago/&do=findComment&comment=935383 For all I know he's running Annunition Fairy in additional to LG and BA. If so, he will give you boilerplate responses like the one you got through Luckygunner and you'll get nowhere but frustrated. I asked if he could pass me along to whoever actually owns Luckygunner or to their "legal team" he referred to and he absolutely refused. Part of me thinks this guy just owns and operates multiple websites and uses a drop shipper and the "owners" and "legal team" he refers to are nonexistent. Don't hold your breath for them to reevaluate their rules, either. He said the same thing in 2015.
  4. Top notch work! I'm glad we're helping her out with a new attorney and it's a shame the old one is retiring, sounds like they're great whoever they are.
  5. Here's one I started back in 2014, but people didn't really participate much and it archived. Though it's national, not just Illinois. http://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52546
  6. I hate to say it, but with multiple felonies not only are you not getting that FOID but the ATF is going to flag you to the gun store when he sends in your 4473. From the ATF: I dunno why you applied, you have to know they would just reject it.
  7. These revocations are ridiculous and will have the exact opposite effect from that intended. Now people will decline to pursue mental health treatment because they'll have their rights revoked if they do.
  8. This wasn't a revocation, this was a denial, according to the OP. A denial based on something that happened more than 5 years ago. Not to mention when she was a minor. I don't understand how they can access someone's medical history like that without violating HIPAA anyway but I'm not an expert on that.
  9. Christian Mitchell and Kwame Raoul are correct. What about adding a column for Facebook and Twitter account links? Comments on social media are public and this can be a useful tool.
  10. I hadn't read about this case. It sounds like a simple "ownership doesn't necessarily mean possession" argument, but it seems like it could have ramifications for the FOID as well.
  11. I would say hope for the best with your FOID. If you get it, then hire an attorney to get your record expunged. I think you have a pretty good argument to do so, considering it was a school fight and you've been clean ever since. I wouldn't try for a CCW until you've resolved the record part.
  12. Every state info page on handgunlaw.us has links to the individual state information pages right on the state websites - the list of links is in the upper right corner of every state page. Virtually all the states that recognize Illinois licenses have simple "recognize all permits" policies, so they will make no mention of Illinois specifically. Wisconsin and Nebraska do make specific mention of Illinois as they have added Illinois recognition due to Illinois license requirements. The link I posted for Nebraska is on the Nebraska State Patrol website, and their regular reciprocity page was also updated to include Illinois in the list of accepted states. Got it, thanks!
  13. Are there direct links to the various states record stating that they will recognize the Illinois permit? I like handgunlaws.us but it's always a good idea to provide primary sources and I didn't see any on their pdf.
  14. So far this local AWB thing hasn't been as bad as it could have been. What do we have so far, three bans? All three in towns easy to avoid, and all three likely to be challenged. Gotta keep on top of these.
  15. Sometimes tyrants like to have buffoons doing their work. Buffoons follow orders and do as they're told without thinking too much. Maybe she just rehearses with him and tells him what to say.
  16. I don't think anyone has updated the Illinois gun laws article yet either. I haven't been inclined to but I may jump on later today if someone doesn't beat me to it.
  17. Currie wants Lil Lisa to appeal to the SCOTUS http://www.chicagodefender.com/index.php/news/city/15497-court-ruling-on-illinois-gun-ban-sets-stage-for-fight You know what I think? I think that even if SCOTUS agreed to hear it, it would totally fail.
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