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  1. If it shoots a projectile it's a firearm, even if it's a replica of an antique IMO. I'd have the seller ship to FFL someplace outside of the city, then make the drive out and pick it up. We have a number of FFLs in nearby suburbs listed here.
  2. Sounds like they've borrowed from the City of Chicago's old ban on "transfer" of ammunition within city limits which was struck out in 2014 when Chicago was forced to allow ranges. The bill specifically mentions Heller, McDonald, and IAFR v Chicago. Here's a link to the text, both with the strikeouts and the new stuff that Rahm Emanuel added in to replace it. http://blogs.chicagotribune.com/files/chicago-gun-shop-ordinance.pdf
  3. I'd be willing to bet no charges will be pressed against the robbery victim, but the cops will probably take his gun as "evidence" and he'll never see it again. That's what usually happens. Plus, the politicians stand to lose much more by Kim Foxx pressing charges because the narrative is always "guns are weapons of war used for violence/crime, nothing else". It would establish that they not only know guns are valid and often necessary for personal protection, but will openly punish someone for protecting their own life with one.
  4. It's nice to see David Sigale's name again. Seems like we have just about the best possible folks involved in this.
  5. When do the lawsuits start? I saw the ISRA is planning to, anyone else? This needs to get litigated immediately.
  6. This is so stupid. It's just the usual Brady ban list of irrelevant "scary" cosmetic features. Why do they ban 50 cal rifles? How many mass shootings were done with a 50BMG rifle????
  7. Filed on both. Also want to point out people should not file infantile nonsense like this, which I saw in the No Position area. Vincent Cantore House Bill 5855. Protect Illinois Communities Act. Moms too Ugly to Get Action GunRights 4 Illinois Record Of Appearance Only I'm not sure one of us did it, but if so, please stop that.
  8. Ahh, good old Joel from Luckygunner. I wasted days of my life on that guy a few years ago. https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?/topic/54598-online-ammunition-sellers-who-will-ship-to-chicago/&do=findComment&comment=935383 For all I know he's running Annunition Fairy in additional to LG and BA. If so, he will give you boilerplate responses like the one you got through Luckygunner and you'll get nowhere but frustrated. I asked if he could pass me along to whoever actually owns Luckygunner or to their "legal team" he referred to and he absolutely refused. Part of me thinks this guy just owns and operates multiple websites and uses a drop shipper and the "owners" and "legal team" he refers to are nonexistent. Don't hold your breath for them to reevaluate their rules, either. He said the same thing in 2015.
  9. People are upset about the mass murder. They're also impotent to stop it, so some are desperate to "do something" so they can feel better about it. Psychologically, that's all this is. Definitely nothing to do with rational thought or science. Pure emotion. Social media is a disease that breeds and concentrates stupidity.
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