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    Historic firearms, particularly Eastern Bloc and WW II handguns, bolt action and semi-auto rifles.

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    Well, I figured out what happened when the manila envelope came back to me last week saying it has 20 cents postage due. I got the postage rate from the USPS website and it looked correct to me, but who knows... some postmaster decided it needed more postage. So now we start all over again because I'm not sending it in with a month-old date on it. 🙄
  2. McCroskey


    What's the current average wait time? I can't remember anymore. I sent my application and the LEO copy off mid March, haven't got the phone call yet and check hasn't been cashed. From what I remember, they'll call for the interview and ask some basic common sense questions.
  3. Done. Question: Is Tanya Schardt really supposed to be filing witness slips for Illinois state bills when she's apparently not even a citizen of the state? That doesn't seem right.
  4. I'm thinking this thread should be pinned and my old one de-pinned.
  5. McCroskey


    Yep, part of the application process is sending a copy to the CLEO and when you fill out the application, it will auto generate a CLEO copy for you. When I lived in Chicago, I had to send it to Garry McCarthy 😆 No idea if he even looked at it, but he didn't try and object to the process as far as I know. I included a brief, polite, typed letter explaining why I'm sending it, which seems to help avoid confusion. The process is fairly painless, from what I recall. Pretty sure the ATF's local agent called and chatted with me for a few minutes and explained timeframe to receive the license and what else they would send. You'll get a package with a bunch of stuff in it.
  6. McCroskey


    Ok, looks like I'm gonna get my C&R again). 😀 On the topic of the days of cheap guns being over, I bought my MN 91/30 around 2002. I think I paid $90 to someone on GunsAmerica and $20 for the dealer transfer. Now I see them listed for $600 on GunBroker. Same with my Nagant M1891... Paid like $80 from J&G 5-6 years ago and I'm seeing even those are up in price.
  7. McCroskey


    Some years ago, I obtained my C&R. It expired long ago and I didn't renew it because at the time I needed to hold on to my money more than I needed another gun. Later, I wound up selling off much of what I bought for various reasons. Now that I'm living outside of the City of Chicago and am a homeowner, I'm in a bit better position to start purchasing again. Southern Ohio Gun closed up shop a few years ago, but I see a couple other dealers I bought from are around and seem to have some stuff in inventory. And there's always gunbroker. What are people's impressions of the state of the C&R world these days? Is it still worthwhile to get?
  8. Hi guys. I haven't lived in Chicago since 2019, so I'm not actively maintaining this list anymore. Just so you know. My feeling is it should be maintained by someone residing in Chicago who will keep abreast of the "unique" legal situation there as well as other important details (including that Cook County, Chicago and the suburbs are all different from each other as regards ammunition shipments and that this list only deals with Chicago). I hope this list has been helpful to folks in Chicago over the years trying to exercise their second amendment rights. If someone wants to volunteer to maintain it going forward, they should contact the site mods.
  9. Gun Zone Deals added and a coupe of dead links removed from the list.
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