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  1. Why waste your time turning them in? Just leave while you can. Let them be outraged. Let them threaten a new citizen of another state. Nothing will come of it.
  2. Just allow citizens to run basic background checks on existing state IDs and drivers licenses, the check would not have to give details just a yes/no confirmation for things like firearm purchases, voting or to see if the person is say a registered sex offender heck use it for alchohol and smoking verification as well to confirm the ID is legit and not fake. Sounds great! Let's just do away with privacy rights altogether..
  3. In my younger years I went through the court system for multiple violations for several different things. What can I say? I was a heck raiser. At one point I went through "court supervision" which sounds much the same as what you describe. If you complete it without any other violations then it comes off of your record after completion. After completion it never affected my future FOID card which I got years later. Of course, it's a different world now so your results will vary... The best thing you can do would be to sit down with legal counsel and figure this out. That's my advise..
  4. I've never read a longer piece based on backwards, circular logic in all my life. Just wow. "But as amicus Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence demonstrated in its brief, “[t]he weight of empirical evidence shows that licensing laws like Illinois’ are likely to be highly effective at reducing gun homicides and suicides and at decreasing gun purchases by criminals.” I would argue that since the FOID act was put in place, criminal violence using illegal firearms has only risen. "In sum, if the Second Amendment allows prohibitions on gun possession and ownership by felons, minors, the mentally ill, and other presumptively risky people — which both this Court and the United States Supreme Court have held that it does" ...and that's where you're wrong bud. The 2nd Amendment allows no such thing. It's right there, clearly written. THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE (ALL PEOPLE) TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS (ALL ARMS) SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Anything to the contrary is nothing more than a modern judges' opinion/ruling. Otherwise, the 2nd Amendment would've included the language pertaining to felons, mentally ill, etc..
  5. If you live in Effingham county, why even worry about a FOID card since the local police have sworn to ignore the FOID requirement..
  6. There seems to be a staggering amount of helots in this thread.. Glad to pay those fines.. Happy about an ever increasing amount of nanny laws.. I prefer complete freedom myself, and I don't mind being held 100% responsible for any damage or harm I may cause with my reckless behavior or actions, but I don't need a squad of glorified revenue generators to assure that I stay in line.. As if laws really stop anything. The slavery mindset is real.
  7. To my knowledge, according to state law you have 500ft after a posted speed limit sign to reduce your speed to the required limit.. I have a close friend that has used this tactic in court to get his ticket dropped. However, proving you did reduce your speed in that 500ft or were ticketed within that 500ft can be difficult in a system where you are guilty until proven innocent.
  8. Let's face it. Reckless driving is an easy ticket to get. Often charges like this are completely left to the discretion of the officer. I built a little (compact) hotrod truck with a V8 in it, and I enjoy driving it a little wild from time to time. I don't endanger others by any stretch of the imagination, but I could be given a reckless driving ticket for giving it a little gas while turning a corner and the rear end kicks out in a small slide.. I obviously don't do this kind of thing around other vehicles but all it would take would be an officer to be tucked behind a sign, etc.. The days of having fun in a vehicle are long gone with everyone being so strict and creating new laws/offenses daily..
  9. There's no reason to attack anyone here or make assumptions. A person has had their right to defend themselves taken away by what is essentially "fine print" in a document. Similar things could happen to any of us if we aren't paying attention.
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