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  1. I wouldn't consider a sworn Correctional Officer a civilian. Besides being sworn, they had to undergo many hours of specialized mandated training to be able to do their job. And they would also have to qualify every year unlike civilian CCL holders who only qualify every 5 years. And if a Correctional Officer fails to qualify during an annual qualification, they wouldn't be eligible to carry. And retired Officers would also be required to qualify every year unlike civilians and also pay an annual $75 fee if they want to carry as well as have a valid FOID card.
  2. It can be done but IIRC, you will need to obtain a type 7 FFL license. Read through this whole thread to see how another member was approved... https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=76635&page=1
  3. IMHO, an $5-800 safe is much better than no safe at all. And having it bolted to the floor is a big plus. No safe is theft proof, even a $5000 safe. Your average thief will not be able to open an average safe. But someone who knows what they are doing will be able to get into a $500 or a $5000 safe. Having a safe somewhat tucked away where it is not freely visible and not advertising what or how much you have is your best bet.
  4. Yes, you can store firearms other than at your residence. That's actually the workaround for those behind enemy lines where so called "assault weapons" can't be possessed. You can legally own, just not possess "assault weapons" in certain cities or counties so it just needs to be stored outside the prohibited area. You can even store any of your firearms out of state as well if you choose. But do either of your parents have a FOID? That would be the only sticking point I could see if they don't. However that also seems to be a gray area after a recent case. But if you kept the gun(s) in a safe at your parents house and only you could open the safe so they had no access, that would probably work.
  5. FWIW, a virgin lower, one that has never had an upper attached, even if the lower is complete with a stock on it, can be first made into a pistol as long as you remove the stock before putting the pistol upper on it. Once it has been fully assembled as a pistol, you can switch back and forth between pistol and rifle whenever you feel like. Just make sure to never reassemble it as a pistol configuration and then put the stock back on as you now have an sbr. If no ATF tax stamp, it is a federal violation. This whole thing makes absolutely no sense but it is what it is. Like mentioned above, once a rifle, always a rifle. But if you like options, always complete your buld with a pistol upper and no stock. Although the reality is, how could anyone prove you never completed your build as a pistol? As long as you have a pistol length upper around, you can prove your case.
  6. No, you don't have to physically change your driver's license just yet if you updated it online. Eventually you will but you can do it at your leisure. And right now SOS facilities are a madhouse anyway. I did exactly what you did and it was fine for the ISP. When things die down a bit at SOS places, I will go and update my physical license.
  7. You can verify the email against your phone if you have Android. Go to settings, Google, and them Manage Your Google Account. The first choice will be Critical Security Issues. Click on the Take Action button to see the same compromised password information.
  8. Interesting. Kind of kills the narrative (no pun intended) https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/03/photo-collage-reveals-commits-mass-shootings-us-today/
  9. Sometimes the medicine is worse than the condition. I have been prescribed 3 different medicines when dealing with bouts of insomnia in the past. I don't recall right now which 3 they were but the after affects the next day were terrible. Hard to get out of bed and left me feeling groggy for a good chunk of the day. When I experienced my insomnia it was over the course of several months but I was able to finally get back to regular sleep. I don't credit the medication for helping as after taking each one for a couple days, I couldn't handle the way I felt the next day and just stopped taking them.
  10. Not sure of the point for HB0153 for Retired Law Enfotcement. I can see the benefits for Vets but for Law Enforcement, there is a better program in place already. It is the IROCC program and has much better privileges such as 50 state carry and includes US territories as well. The only kind of negative I see is that you have to qualify every year which actually isn't so bad. It ends up a similar overall costing about the same as the regular CC as it is a $75 a year to qualify on one platform such as semi auto and $100 if you want to qualify on both semi and revolver.
  11. Ah, ok. I missed that post. Thank you for sharing it with me.
  12. They used to be on the list. I had ordered ammo several times from them in the past and commented on this thread. They were added on the list after that but then disappeared for some reason.
  13. Nope, gotta disagree with you on that. If it was, there would be no reason for attorneys, courts, or judges. The law is Grey and needs to be interpreted. No better example than how the 2nd amendment has been treated.
  14. The thing to be aware of is there is no, zero, nada, ordinances making shipping ammunition to Chicago. Unfortunately with the games being played over the years, many retailers just decide not to take any chances. There is only a limited number of retailers that understand this and will ship to Chicago. Unfortunately Chicago has not updated the list of active ordinances that the Illinois State Police along with ATF lists as prohibitions and restrictions. This is what the retailers who refuse to ship to Chicago go by. IMHO, if Illinois State Police along with ATF are going to publish same restrictions and prohibitions, they should also be required to verify that information on an annual basis. And since I am posting, I took a look at Bone Frog Gun Club the other night after seeing them listed as a GTG retailer. They offer a subscription to give you a discount on their ammo. They dont have a large selection but not too bad and their regular prices seem reasonable. But back to the subscription... Turns out they offer a free lifetime subscription to active military and veterans along with active and retired first responders. I went through the process and now have my free lifetime subscription. Now to follow through and order some ammo but I am not really needing anything in particular. I've been taking care of that a little at a time over the last several years...
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