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  1. Wait so if we have the e-card we do not need to physically carry the card?
  2. This is exactly what I am concerned about when I mentioned this confusing an out of state LEO.
  3. Typical ISP garbage. Just another way to complicate everyone's lives. I could imagine an out of state cop getting confused with this "NEW" combined FOID/CCL.
  4. Are they still printing CCL as a separate card or have they started sending the combined cards?
  5. This does not change anything however it is quite worrisome that the IL SC ruling was 3-3
  6. Sucks. Seems like lately ISP has been on a purge looking at arrests from 10+ years ago to take away peoples rights. I would get in touch with a lawyer if you want to speed the process up because otherwise your appeal will take years to process. I would recommend these guys- they've helped speed up revoked foid/ccl for friends of mine (within a month their rights were restored). Williams & Nickl, LLC
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