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  1. This does not change anything however it is quite worrisome that the IL SC ruling was 3-3
  2. Sucks. Seems like lately ISP has been on a purge looking at arrests from 10+ years ago to take away peoples rights. I would get in touch with a lawyer if you want to speed the process up because otherwise your appeal will take years to process. I would recommend these guys- they've helped speed up revoked foid/ccl for friends of mine (within a month their rights were restored). Williams & Nickl, LLC
  3. Nope, not defending a bunch of liberals. We the people will not be helping out because it may violate anti militia laws these people work so hard to pass. https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/st-louis-state-senate-candidate-not-keeping-gun-toting-lawyer-s-campaign-contribution/article_d5646fbd-df82-5fd1-9683-0b90369825a6.html The Mccloskeys are DNC donors, even to Moms Demand Action endorsed candidates. Day after day these people are getting what they deserve. Let them live in the fear they thought they were immune to living in a gated community. While charges likely arent warranted I hope they get absolutely destroyed in the court of public opinion. Starting with their terrible trigger discipline. WOW! Un *** believable! Thank you for sharing!
  4. Interview with Mark Mccloskey for whoever is interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjtTtPTbRXM
  5. BRAVO!!!! I wonder if they need help defending their property- since the police wont help "We The People" can!
  6. Actually Dart had nothing to do with this, it was a local LE slandering my name!
  7. If you are in Chicago, or even Crook county, that would explain a lot! Yup Crook County Resident, unfortunately!
  8. Local LE made some fictitious claims about me (provided absolutely no evidence ) so I refuted them all.
  9. Submitted (with prints): 10-07-2016 Under board review: 11-27-2016 Review board requested more info: 02-27-2018 Submitted response to review board: 03-05-2018 Under Review (approved): 03-21-2018 Active: 03-27-2018 License in hand: ....
  10. Yeah people win all the time. The only problem is that they take forever to rule on your application (I think they do this intentionally). But hey I'll tell you this, if you get arrested or run into any other criminal issues they will send you a response (rejection) immediately. Its such a coincidence.
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