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  1. Rather than a go fund me, we would rather see donations to IllinoisCarry marked Brown case. Done
  2. Molly, is there any need to start a GoFundMe to help in this effort? I'm sure there a lot of people here who would be willing to kick in a few bucks - myself included
  3. And let's not forget - even as you are 'under review', ISP is still doing a daily background check on your FOID.
  4. Congrats to all that have their CCL's! And for those still fighting, we all hope the end is near for you!
  5. Congrats to all! Don't forget your Wally Walks! Stay safe and carry responsibly
  6. Always been curious as to these rulings and the Illinois FOID card and any CCL- "No state may convert a secured liberty into a privilege, and issue a license and fee for it." MURDOCK v. PENNSYLVANIA, 319 U.S. 105 and "If the state does convert a right into a privilege and issue a license and charge a fee for it, you can ignore the license and fee and engage in the right with impunity." SHUTTLESWORTH V. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, 373 U.S. 262
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Great to see so many good people receiving their just desserts!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Carrying to all! Congrats.. get out there and do your Wally Walk!
  9. Congrats to everyone! Nice to see all of you in the fold! Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly
  10. Congrats to all!!! Make sure you do your Wally Walk! Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly
  11. Congrats to all who've joined the league of Concealed Carry! Enjoy! Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly
  12. Congrats to all! Welcome to the club! Now... off to Wally World with you! Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly
  13. Wasn't there a case here in Illinois that dealt with a ban in public housing......Winbigler? Wouldn't the same apply to parks being publicly owned just like public housing? Seems to me with Shepard and Heller, it was ruled that we have the right to carry for the purpose of self defense in public. If it is taxpayer funded... to me its public. just my opinion, Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly
  14. Any places supported through taxpayer money should be clear of signs. Period.
  15. Senate Chris Nybe should be NYBO = Contact Email is chris@chrisnybo.org Representative Peter Breen = Contact Email is info@votebreen.com
  16. The only people that have to follow the Law or suffer the consequences are the Citizens. Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly
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