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  1. Well. HUGE surprise for me! I moved at the beginning of year. I changed over my license, my plates and everything else required. I submitted and did the change of address on my FOID card on 2/19/18. I am not a CCL. This is JUST the FOID. I log in regularly to check the status. It is still flagged RED as "UNDER REVIEW." As of 3/16/18. Think it's long? It takes this long for a simple change of address! Worst part? A week after I submitted, I bought my first firearm after having my FOID for several years. Guess who got flagged during the background check because of this? I have my first firearm simply gathering dust at the dealer and have to wait an eternity just because of a basic change of address.
  2. Not A Lawyer. The fact is the law is clear. Convicted felons cannot possess a firearm. Clearance that you currently have is not that black and white when considering and their resources are more extensive. My suggestion, exsponge the felonies. You can go to the court house and apply for that on your own. No lawyer needed. A judge can review your case and records and can make the determination. From your information, I find this HIGHLY likely. Once this is done, your process that you are attempting to do becomes more likely as well. Currently, you are essentially asking them to bypass the current laws, make an exception which is against the law and greatly increases any possible of liability. Won't happen. Those lawyers just want to charge you money for doing this for you, then appealing your process.....which if they have any reason to really try (being they already have your money), they just gonna Rob you.
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