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  1. I have the new numbers but not the cards. I am off last week and this week and wanted to go shoooting. I guess that will not happen since I have to wait for the new cards. I guess I will have time to mod the rifle so I can shoot it next year.
  2. I asked my FFL if I printed a copy of the page I could bring it to him.I have never seen a messed up system and I was in the military. There should be one card for CCL holders that act as the Foid and CCL and a Foid for people who do not have a CCL. it would save the state time and money and be less of a hassle to the people. Also once you go active you should be active and be able to carry, going active and waiting for a card is not active. I will say this, I will not miss these antics once we move to Alabama.
  3. Great no ammo, or firearms until the state gets me my new ids. what a **** show.
  4. Ahhh okay they change the foid number? So I should be getting a new Foid with my CCL? That's a nice way to ruin my weekend My last week off and i was really looking forward to shooting this rifle. Oh well there is always next spring.
  5. I have my FOID card, the number is invalid when did the paperwork today.
  6. I bought a rifle and went to my FFL today to do the paperwork. When I got there it said my FOID was invalid, so I came home and checked on my CCL status and saw it was active as of 4-21-16 not bad since I applied on 1-15. but now I can't buy firearms? What do I need to do? On the state police site it shows my FOID and CCL active. Also how long until I will see a card or whatever they send out so I can carry.
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