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  1. my son has been waiting for his lost foid replacement for 5 months now, he has tried calling numerous times and cant physically talk to anyone..
  2. it looks like Perry County will soon join also...
  3. It arrived in the mail today! BUT it says she is 6'4, not good. Just about 9 inches off!!
  4. My wife went active on the 24th, received her new foid on the 26th but still has not received her CCW permit yet. Anyone else run into this kind of lag between the 2. Just curious because of all the folks I know that got them they were either same day or a couple days apart.
  5. did I miss something, whats with all the " new foid card to match ccw card" I see being posted?
  6. I didn't say in the article I read.. just that shots were fired and k9 hit.
  7. and on top of it all, it sounds like he is on an emotional roller coaster...
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