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Family member needs help getting a FOID & LTC w/ pardoned felony

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Im hopeful that someone can help (maybe Molly)... my father in law has a felony marijuana conviction from the 1970s in MO. He was pardoned by the governor a few years ago. He became an IL a little over a year ago and has been denied a FOID card. His state representative has been unresponsive and hes getting desperate. He was able to purchase firearms when he lived out of state and can pass a NICS check.


Ive seen people get help here before and told him that Id reach out. Is there anything that can be done?

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We did a story on this last week.


He should probably pursue expungement by contacting New Leaf Illinois. Their sole purpose is to clear your record re MJ convictions. There are a number of Illinoisans who have received expungement records from LE not knowing that they also need to have a court expungement, or the other way around. When researching an old conviction, they can also look for other things that prevent gun rights and possibly help clear those up, too. It is funded (I think) by the state to do this. It has long been a mission for the woman we interviewed. She indicated that they may be able to clean up more than just minor weed offenses.


I have not yet seen the story… so no link. It was for NBC Nightly News.

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