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NRA Basic pistol instructor training


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Kind of confused about this and getting different answers from different people

I would like to start taking NRA instructor training classes- Starting with basic pistol

I have been told I need to first take Instructor LED basic pistol

I did take the NRA 8 hour basic pistol class in 2019 and have certificate

Now I am being told this doesn't qualify as prerequisite

Something about a 4 level shooting qualification


If anybody can explain or help with this would be much appreciated

Thanks !



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The TC holding the workshop has some leeway here. Yes you must take the instructor led basic class first. Some TCs will require that you take the course with them as part of your instructor training. Most will accept your 2019 certificate. The instructor qualification has it's own shooting requirement that is independent of the shooting levels in the basic course. Where are you located, I may be able to recommend a TC in your area. Stick with the training, PPOTH and Defensive Pistol are eye openers.

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