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  1. Looking at the anti-gunners list, it seems like it's mostly Moms Demand Action (which realistically should be a porn movie, not the name of an anti-gun group), and their family members. Now, I don't know if these anti-gun Yeti's have beaten their ball-less husbands into submission so they're no longer able to think for themselves, or if these "Moms" are merely adding anyone in their household (or even related family members) without them knowing. One name I saw had at least 3 other family members listed in there, I'm guessing husband and sons, but I'm not a mind reader.
  2. So I just filled one out, and checked the bill on ilga.gov and it still says 0 witness slips.
  3. Set up shop across the street offering $150/$200 for pistols and rifles. Private transfer. Done.
  4. We The People Firearms Academy is hosting Rifle 1 and Rifle 2 classes in July at Aurora Sportsmans Club in Waterman. Rifle 1 - $350 - This 1-day course lays the foundation that all future rifle training will rest on. Safety, range etiquette, weapon operation, accessories, fundamentals of fire, shooting/ready positions, rapid target acquisition, target transitions, clearing of stoppages, rapid fire, and fighter mindset are the main subjects tackled in this essential course. Though this course is built for beginners, the subject matter and technique is designed to allow students to build realistic skills that can survive the test of stress and small-time constraints. Rifle 2 - $500 - This 1-day course begins with a review of safety protocols and an audit of each individual’s shooting fundamentals. During this course, students will be introduced to movement, use of cover and/or concealment, alternate body positions, scenario-based stress fires, fighter mindset, and more. This course requires prior training equivalent to ‘Rifle 1’. Rifle 1 - Saturday, July 2nd, 2022 - 9am - 5pm Rifle 2 - Sunday, July 17th, 2022 - 9am - 5pm Sign up via: https://www.wethepeoplefa.com
  5. We The People Firearms Academy in St. Charles https://www.wethepeoplefa.com
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