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  1. Hey everyone, There's some shameless self-promotion incoming! I'm an instructor in the Western Suburbs and I recently started up a new YouTube channel to demo drills for students that I can't demo in a classroom, talk about firearms related things, etc... So here I am pimping myself out looking for new subscribers and new students, some likes, any ideas for upcoming videos, things like that. Yes, I know I've got a couple too many "umms" in some of these videos, but what can I say, I guess I'm a little camera shy still. Anyways, the link is: We The People Firearms Academy - YouTube I also do advanced rifle/pistol classes and tactical classes, so if anyone's in the area looking for these types of classes and wants to sign up that's awesome too. I appreciate hearing what some of you have to say!
  2. I don't think the guy who can't put down a donut should have any say on declaring "health crises"
  3. SHUT UP, PEON! The State of Illinois will do what we want when we want and tell you exactly when we're going to give you your constitutional rights and when and where you can use them.
  4. I carry one in my trunk (locked, not loaded) with a few spare mags, a security vest, and a sign to throw in the window that says, "Good guy in a security vest ahead."
  5. How did you just get your foid and took your CCL class 6 years ago? CCLs are only good for 5 years, then you have to get more training. I would call and ask on that one.
  6. coz

    range finders

    Yeah, and you can wait months for your shipment from that piece of **** hellhole. Never again will they get another dime out of me.
  7. Why is that? What is stopping you? If you think because now in IA read this post and the few responses after, then decide. https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=77319&do=findComment&comment=1305375 They seem to geo-locate your IP address and block it. When I was working in Kansas City and still an IL resident I had to wait until I was back at my house in IL to login and do witness slips. The same with the cyberdrive site for license renewals. You could use a VPN.
  8. I don't really care what the color of anyones skin is and find no need to celebrate it. Frankly, I'm disgusted by identity politics.
  9. Any new instructors here that can let me know how long it's taking for curriculum ID's? I've got my CT number, just waiting on the CC ID.
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