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  1. That is awesome, Congrats. We're you required to register with the IL Gun Licensing Scheme? NO
  2. I applied for a builders stamp not an off the shelf model. A few years ago I bought a "solvent trap with storage cups" The kit came threaded, I just got back from the machine shop where we added a few holes in the right places and added a serial #. Next I assemble my silencer/suppressor and head to the range for testing. Right here in the Land of Lincoln. LEGALLY !
  3. Any update? There is no way to correct the form. I had to re-submit everything. I DID send a copy of my FOID this time. My status is: SUBMITTED/IN PROCESS 15 days as of today.
  4. They did it to match the CC requirements. They more or less copied the FCCL application. Legal ??? But that's the way it is.
  5. Well, its been 30 days since I applied for the tax stamp and today I got a reply from the ATF. I was "disapproved". Reason for Disapproval: IL FOID Card Required. The eForms did not ask for a FOID so I am now trying to get that corrected. At least the ATF gave me contact info. Here's what I missed: k. State or Local Permit. If a state or local permit or license is required before the making of a firearm, a copy of the permit or license must be submitted with the application.
  6. Tax Stamp, what a hassle. I waited until today to apply for my tax stamp. Thought I could do the app and mail the prints all in one day, wrong. Started a little after 10 this morning. ATF eForms site was not responding. Around noon I got through for the first time. Filled out part of the application and got booted from the site. Long story short, after MANY attempts to complete the eForm I finally succeeded in paying and getting a confirmation # about 6:30. ATF estimate for stamp in hand is now 31 days. Bank Card charged "instantly"
  7. Now I just need to Legally fill out the online tax stamp form and make one more set of prints...... ATF estimate for turn around on e-file is 22 days.
  8. Thank Benbow for pointing out the trail. I just stumbled down it.
  9. License IN HAND 72 days from postmark on application.
  10. Thanks Benbow for the good advice. I just completed my 06 FFL interview and I am good to go. The license should be in hand in 2 to 4 weeks. It almost sounded like the ATF agent was quoting you. Right to the point on the excise tax and automated machinery. He said I would have NO records to keep for the ATF to inspect. Tax stamp is next. Stay tuned
  11. Got a call today from a very polite gentleman from the ATF Chicago division. So far my application looks fine and normally the next step would be an in person interview. Due to the times they now do video conference type interviews. We are now sharing email to setup the link for next Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned for updates.............
  12. Thanks, good to know. Plus a fast response from the ISP
  13. Still waiting on the phone interview. I had to list at least one hour per week when I am "open" for business for them to call. I chose 10-2 Monday, Tues, and Wed. The time estimate from them was 30 to 60 days. I'm 24 days from postmark. In the mean time I had a nice chat with a Type 07 FFL and he said I'm on the right track and that he has silencers for testing his firearms.
  14. Me too. I figured at least a month and probably 2. It's not in my hands yet. They could pull an Illinois and take my money and sit on the app.
  15. It's been over a month, so here's the first update: I filled out the FFL application and sent a copy to the county sheriff. I decided to fingerprint myself, I thought it would be easier and quicker. WRONG The only fingerprint cards I had were already addressed to Florida and Arizona concealed carry (I used them for fingerprint practice) so I ordered blanks from ebay plus an ink pad from a different supplier. The cards arrived in 4 days, the ink pad took 19 from Indiana. Post marked on the 10th arrived on the 29th. Application mailed on Dec 31, 2020 Watching bank account for debit card to be charged
  16. I'm willing to jump in. I'll send in the FFL application and take it from there. I shoot against the local Sheriff and Conversation Officer, I will drag this by them and see what they think. I believe i meet all the requirements: I want to load ammo and give it to my students for classes. i want to test that ammo at home without too much noise. I can see 3 deer stands from my back yard so i'm just trying to be polite with the neighbors. I'll post my progress or where to send bail money.
  17. Chill out buddy, we just disagree on this
  18. YOU THINK I'm violating the law I DO NOT, that's why we have courts, free civics lesson, Like I said: I have never been accused of being timid.
  19. Actually you can share them a type 06 ffl is clearly defined by the ATF that it must be a business! That isn’t a couple of ammo boxes here and there that is a business actively manufacturing ammunition on a regular basis and profiting from it. You need liability insurance, you need a corporation/LLC, good luck with zoning for manufacturing in a neighbourhood that isn’t commercial. You also need ITAR at $2250, you will need tier 1. Just remember if you have no real ambition to make this a viable business then misrepresentation/fraud is a class 4 felony. Who Must Register All manufacturers, exporters, and brokers of defense articles, related technical data and defense services as defined on the United States Munitions List (Part 121 of the ITAR) (PDF, 7MB) are required to register with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). Registration is primarily a means to provide the U.S. Government with necessary information on who is involved in certain manufacturing, exporting and brokering activities. Receipt of ITAR §123.9 retransfer authorization does not confer any export rights or privileges, but is a precondition for the issuance of any license or other approval for export. Here is a quote from another site to make this simple. My client holds a manufacturing FFL but has never actually engaged in manufacturing since his retail business has happily continued to grow and take up all of his available time. However, the ATF agent told him that, as a manufacturer (active or not), he needed to register with the State Department and pay a yearly fee. At the end of call, he had two basic questions: “What requirement was the agent talking about?” and “Do I really need to register and pay this fee?” Let’s start with the first question. The ATF agent was referring to the requirements of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) which were promulgated to implement the provisions of the Arms Export Control Act of 1976 (AECA). My client had searched on the internet and spoken with other manufacturing FFLs. Some had registered and paid the fee and some had not. Those who had not stated various beliefs such as “You don’t have to register if you make fewer than 50 items per year.” That sounded reasonable to my client and it momentarily reassured him. But this is nothing more than an internet rumor. The regulation which governs the registration requirement makes it clear. Any person who engages in the United States in the business of either manufacturing or exporting defense articles or furnishing defense services is required to register with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. For the purpose of this subchapter, engaging in the business of manufacturing or exporting defense articles or furnishing defense services requires only one occasion of manufacturing or exporting a defense article or furnishing a defense service. Manufacturers who do not engage in exporting must nevertheless register. As for what constitutes ‘defense articles’, 22 USC 121 contains a complete listing under what is known as The United States Munitions List (USML). The very first item listed is “Nonautomatic and semi-automatic firearms to caliber .50 inclusive.” It goes on to include “Ammunition/ordnance for the articles [above].” The short answer is that those licensed to manufacture firearms or ammunition are covered by ITAR and are required to register and pay the registration fee. So … how bad is this fee? It’s pretty bad. If you are not engaged in exporting then you would be considered a ‘Tier 1’ registrant. Therefore you would only have to pay the lowest possible fee. A set fee of $2,250 per year is required for new registrants or registrants for whom the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls has not reviewed, adjudicated or issued a response to any applications during a 12-month period ending 90 days prior to expiration of the current registration. After I explained this to my client, he asked “Why haven’t I heard about this before? Why doesn’t the ATF tell us about it?” Well … they do … sort of. In the ATF Importation Guidebook they note that “In order to engage in the business of exporting, manufacturing, or brokering items on the USMIL you must be registered with the Department of State which administers the export and manufacturing provisions of the AECA. Generally, persons holding a manufacturer’s FFL (Types 06, 07, and 10) must register as a manufacturer with the Department of State unless specifically exempted.” Are there 06, 07, or 10 type FFLs who have not registered and have not been prosecuted? Yes there are. But they could be prosecuted at any time and the penalties are severe. Is it stupid? Of course it is! But legally there is no question. If you are getting, or already have, an 06, 07, or 10 FFL then you need to consider the ITAR yearly registration fee as a cost of doing business and register. Awful lot to words to try and change my mind. Thanks for caring about me but I'm a big boy and can manage without your guidance. If you wanted to really be helpful you could find me a couple of fingerprint cards.
  20. I like it, I have my 06 form filled out and looking for fingerprint cards to go with the app. I do my own reloads and would like to share them but legally can't without the 06 FFL, plus with a can I could test loads without annoying the neighbors.
  21. reckless ??? At least you didn't call me timid. We all must chose our own paths.
  22. Hostility? To get an FFL for the intention of circumventing the law isn't hostile its reckless. Right now like it or not there is plenty NFA items we would all love. By advising people to do something like "make your own ammo" so you can gain a suppressor, leaving out the facts that you also should have liability insurance, registering an LLC, Insure home for business use, declare to your bank about you are doing this since many institutions have stipulations on profiting from firearms, going to local PD for a demo letter, cameras all over your property! so to do this whole thing without doing the above to constitute a legitimate business is fraud! Imagine the headlines, Local FFL and Attorney from illinois carry advises members to circumvent the law for nfa items! Reckless-(of a person or their actions) without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action. In civil litigation, allegations of fraud might be based on a misrepresentation of fact that was either intentional or negligent. For a statement to be an intentional misrepresentation, the person who made it must either have known the statement was false or been reckless as to its truth. Welcome to America where we tend to stretch the laws without calling fraud. If there is a gray area in the interpretation of a law I personally use the gray area in my favor.
  23. Catch 22 There are ways to work around most things. In Illinois it is illegal to own a machine gun, right? That's the belief not the fact. I personally know a FFL Type 07 with Class 03 SOT. This allows them to buy, sell and manufacture suppressors and machine guns. They are not military or law enforcement. While I have never seen them involved with suppressors they are big into full autos. Right here in the middle of Illinois I have had the opportunity to "play" with an M60. LEGALLY in a civilian environment. BUT that doesn't mean they can mount that M60 in the back of a pickup and go coyote hunting. I believe the catch is the suppressor or machine gun must stay at the manufacturing facility. Maybe everyone is sorta right,
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