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  1. That is awesome, Congrats. We're you required to register with the IL Gun Licensing Scheme? NO
  2. I applied for a builders stamp not an off the shelf model. A few years ago I bought a "solvent trap with storage cups" The kit came threaded, I just got back from the machine shop where we added a few holes in the right places and added a serial #. Next I assemble my silencer/suppressor and head to the range for testing. Right here in the Land of Lincoln. LEGALLY !
  3. Any update? There is no way to correct the form. I had to re-submit everything. I DID send a copy of my FOID this time. My status is: SUBMITTED/IN PROCESS 15 days as of today.
  4. The instructor certification does not expire. If you look in the ISP website it will show your FOID & CCL expiration dates but not for your instructor cert. If you use your NRA credentials to qualify to become an Illinois CC instructor, you MUST keep your NRA credentials current.
  5. They did it to match the CC requirements. They more or less copied the FCCL application. Legal ??? But that's the way it is.
  6. From the Washington Post "The Supreme Court announced Monday it will hear a major new gun control case next term, accepting a National Rifle Association-backed challenge that asks the court to declare there is a constitutional right to carry a weapon outside the home." link
  7. Well, its been 30 days since I applied for the tax stamp and today I got a reply from the ATF. I was "disapproved". Reason for Disapproval: IL FOID Card Required. The eForms did not ask for a FOID so I am now trying to get that corrected. At least the ATF gave me contact info. Here's what I missed: k. State or Local Permit. If a state or local permit or license is required before the making of a firearm, a copy of the permit or license must be submitted with the application.
  8. The TC holding the workshop has some leeway here. Yes you must take the instructor led basic class first. Some TCs will require that you take the course with them as part of your instructor training. Most will accept your 2019 certificate. The instructor qualification has it's own shooting requirement that is independent of the shooting levels in the basic course. Where are you located, I may be able to recommend a TC in your area. Stick with the training, PPOTH and Defensive Pistol are eye openers.
  9. Good for you, congratulations. Now the loooong wait.
  10. Lou, I train NRA Instructors so my point of view is directed by that. Ask for NRA certified instructors for the best results and take one step at a time. It is much easier to teach good habits to new shooters than to over come bad habits by self taught shooters that started by renting or buying a gun and thought they could self teach. Welcome to the club...........
  11. Take the CCL class first. Find an instructor that will furnish the guns for class and introduce you to different platforms. If the instructor tells you that you need to furnish the firearm, pass them by and find a better instructor, they're out there. I start new shooters out slow. They learn live fire with 22s and work their way up to full size 9mm polymer Glocks and steel M9s. Next the WOW factor. I let them shoot a 380 polymer pocket pistol and 38 special Airweight for kicks.
  12. Tax Stamp, what a hassle. I waited until today to apply for my tax stamp. Thought I could do the app and mail the prints all in one day, wrong. Started a little after 10 this morning. ATF eForms site was not responding. Around noon I got through for the first time. Filled out part of the application and got booted from the site. Long story short, after MANY attempts to complete the eForm I finally succeeded in paying and getting a confirmation # about 6:30. ATF estimate for stamp in hand is now 31 days. Bank Card charged "instantly"
  13. Now I just need to Legally fill out the online tax stamp form and make one more set of prints...... ATF estimate for turn around on e-file is 22 days.
  14. Thank Benbow for pointing out the trail. I just stumbled down it.
  15. License IN HAND 72 days from postmark on application.
  16. A couple of guys I shoot trap with had problems buying shotgun shells at the local Walmart. If the FOID is expired NO shells, would not take their unexpired CCL or any other additional proof.
  17. I have experience with this. You can simply answer "NO" to the felony question because you had your rights restored. Congratulations on your first gun.
  18. As an ISP-certified firearms instructor, how do I obtain fillable forms of current CCL training certificates? You may email your request to isp.instructor.docs@illinois.gov
  19. Thanks Benbow for the good advice. I just completed my 06 FFL interview and I am good to go. The license should be in hand in 2 to 4 weeks. It almost sounded like the ATF agent was quoting you. Right to the point on the excise tax and automated machinery. He said I would have NO records to keep for the ATF to inspect. Tax stamp is next. Stay tuned
  20. Got a call today from a very polite gentleman from the ATF Chicago division. So far my application looks fine and normally the next step would be an in person interview. Due to the times they now do video conference type interviews. We are now sharing email to setup the link for next Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned for updates.............
  21. The simple answer is: If he can answer "no" to all the questions when applying he is good to go. Don't over think this. He is only risking $11 to enjoy the frustration of waiting on his FOID to come in the mail. IF the ISP wants more info they will ask for it. Tell him welcome to the flock.
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