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Getting a Washington DC Permit - My Experience


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I am in process of getting a DC carry permit.


DC requires 16 hours of training plus range qualification, but allows for exemptions to training at their discretion.


Friday I took a 3 hour legal class in Arlington, VA with George Lyons of Arsenal Attorneys. High quality class, would recommend. About 20 other students. Nearly everyone was an FFL or an instructor. Most were from surrounding states and a few like me out of area.


Class fee was $75.


George thinks I will get the training exemption. I have Utah, Florida, Illinois, and an expired Kentucky permit. I'm also an Illinois CCL instructor.


Monday morning I submitted my application at the station at 300 Indiana NW. Officers were relatively friendly, much more than the old Chicago CFP / gun registry desk. Spent about 90 minutes between filling out forms, getting fingerprinted, and other paperwork.


I submitted all forms concurrently - firearm registration, concealed carry application, and statements of eligibility. This had to be done in person. Total cost at the gun desk was $110.


Plane ticket was about $700; public transit $30.


Total cost, not including prior training, and not including a hotel - $915. I probably spent about $1500 in prior training.


The gun desk and the attorney both said to expect the process to take about 90 days before receiving an up or down on the application.



I'll answer any questions you have.

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1) I travel to the area occasionally, and it prevents felony possession of an unregistered handgun, 2) to have the option to carry (though prohibited locations are numerous and one of them can move), and 3) to say I was one of the first and be a part of history, and 4) to have additional credentials
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I've been following their situation for a few years.


My opinion is that they are done adding major regulations and restrictions. We'll see if that holds.


Currently they require you to appear in person for applications. The lady officer at the gun counter believes that it won't be long before this in person requirement is waived. They are getting flooded with applications, not unlike Illinois was after the FCCA passed.

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