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  1. Another plug for Target Sports shipping to Chicago. Ordered Monday, they said due to high volume order may be delayed. Order arrived Saturday. Classic under promise and over deliver.
  2. Hap!!!!! Don't leave us!!! Every time someone escapes the prison, ten prisoners get shot.
  3. From a political strategy standpoint, it might be smart for him to appear neutral on weapons bills. He knows that gun owners are going to vote R by a landslide, and only going to really dislike him if he works against a bill we like. By appearing neutral, even if he secretly supports it, it removes an attack vector for the next election. And as gun owners, we do want him re-elected over the D challenger.
  4. I recently received shipments to Chicago from: * Blue Ridge Firearms * Cajun Ammo
  5. SG Ammo responded negatively. They are on our hopeless list.
  6. Rare Ammo sent this tentative but promising response: I responded back to her with more information.
  7. LAX Ammo declined to ship to Chicago. My email: LAX Ammo response: I sent them a follow up response. We'll see what happens.
  8. For research purposes, I was hoping to get some examples of FOID revocation letters. I'm not interested in personal info. Redacted scans, or copies of the wording are what I'm after. In particular I want to see if the revocation reason is stated, and how that portion is worded. This will shed some light on how much "due process" is involved. Thanks.
  9. Opinion, another win http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/05/18/supreme-court-says-convicted-felons-can-sell-their-guns/ 2015-05-18 Henderson v US 13-1487_l6gn.pdf
  10. That looks like it would be helpful. Maybe it could even be pinned when it's completed, or posted on Google docs as a public document?
  11. I love how the unconstitutional owner licensing schemes are turned around on the anti's and used against them.
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