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Old FOID/CCL after address change?

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Seems like this should be in a FAQ somewhere but I came up empty on the ISP site and here.


Are there any requirements for disposal or return of old FOIDs or CCLs after receiving new ones due to a change of address? I plan to shred mine, but Illinois firearms law being what it is, I thought I'd ask before feeding mine into the machine.

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On your new cards the FOID/CCL numbers stay the same and the numbers are what people use to check for validity in the database. At one time not too long ago they didn't require you to get a new card when you updated your address in the database. They now send new cards but if they haven't asked for the old ones back or revoked them, I'd just keep the old ones in a drawer as spares and then shred them after they expire..

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transplant - not a full escape yet. Still in northern IL. Even keeping the same barber. I don't think they'll even cut your time in the exercise yard for that.


The letter that came with the FOID didn't say anything about what to do with the old one. The reason I'm asking is that I thought I remembered someone posting something to the effect that when they moved out of state, ISP wanted them to either turn in either their FOID or FCCL to local LE or to send it to ISP or something along those lines, and thought there might have been something similar for in-state moves as well. Molly, I didn't see anything in the statute either, but I haven't looked at the regs.


At this point I'd say it's all going in the shredder. Good riddance.

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